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Frequently Asked Questions by Authors

If you're considering writing for Human Kinetics and you have a question that's not answered below, feel free to email us at or mail your question to us at:

Acquisitions c/o Human Kinetics
P.O. Box 5076
Champaign, IL 61825-5076

Guidelines for how to submit inquiries and proposals are on our Author Center page.

Why do I have to start with an inquiry?

We might not be interested in your proposal if it would directly compete with material we already publish or have in the works, if the intended market wouldn't support the desired sales, or if it's not a good fit for the subject areas and types of products we publish. Sending us an inquiry first saves time for you and for HK.

What happens after I send in my full proposal?

The acquisitions editor who manages the associated subject area reviews the proposal to be sure it's complete and fits our scope and mission. It might also be sent out for external review by other experts in the field (who will keep the material private and confidential). If internal and/or external reviews are positive, we create a financial analysis and marketing plan. Next, a full committee of relevant HK staff discusses the project and decides whether to accept it for publication. If so, we present you with a contract and begin the exciting process of collaborating on publishing your project.

How long does it take for a manuscript to be published?

It depends on the type of product, the complexity, the length, and the timeliness of the topic. Most traditional books take eight to ten months from the time we accept your complete first draft to the time the book is in print (though some may take less time and others more). The publication time includes editorial review, author revisions, interior and cover design, preparation of art and photos, marketing planning, and more. If we accept your project for publication, the acquisitions editor will outline the steps and the timeline in more detail.

Does HK offer royalties to authors?

Our authors are critical to our success and deserve compensation for their hard work. HK usually pays a percentage of royalties based on sales, but in some cases we might pay a flat fee for work-for-hire projects. If we accept your proposal, we'll discuss compensation that is specific to your project.

Why should I publish with HK?

Today, authors have many options for publishing their work, including self-publishing. Partnering with HK has numerous benefits. For more than 40 years, our mission has been to increase the knowledge, enhance the performance, and improve the health, fitness, and wellness of people around the globe by developing and delivering authoritative information about physical activity and sport. We built our business on our expertise in the subjects we publish in and the markets we serve, on our partnerships with leading organizations and authorities, and on providing high-quality products to meet the needs of our partners and customers. These pillars remain the key to our success and the strong national and international reputation of our brand.

Our expert acquisitions staff will work closely with you to help shape the content of your project. We provide full development and production, including editing, art and photos (as needed), cover, design, layout, and more. Our experienced marketing and sales teams sell our products worldwide, reaching customers and markets that many authors couldn't reach on their own.

More than 95 percent of our authors report having had a satisfying experience working with us. This is a result of our core values of integrity, resourcefulness, effort, respect, teamwork, and stewardship. We treat you as a partner in the collaborative effort of publishing your work.

I currently have a product with another publisher. Would HK be interested in publishing the next edition?

If you want to transfer a book or other product from a different publisher to HK, the first step is ensuring that you have (or can get) the rights to the product. If so, please send us an inquiry. If it sounds like a good fit, we'll ask you for sales reports for the product, what changes you propose for a new edition, and other information. Please note that we usually don't distribute products that are currently being published by another publisher.