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Accessing your online materials

Did you know most of our textbooks come with online materials to help you study smarter, collaborate with classmates, and apply your learning outside the classroom? Keep reading to learn more about online materials for your textbook.


Most online materials require you to enter a unique access code to unlock and access the product. You will have an access code under any of the following conditions:

  • You purchased a new print book with online materials from either the HK website or from a bookstore.
  • You purchased an ebook with online materials from either the HK website or a select ebook vendor. Ebook vendors that offer HK access codes include VitalSource, Amazon, and Redshelf.
  • You purchased access to online materials from the HK website or from a bookstore.

If you purchased a used book, the access code will no longer unlock the online materials. Don’t worry! You can still purchase an access code for online materials related to your textbook for a reduced price. Visit our website and search by author name or title to find your textbook. Look for a version of the product with a label below the cover indicating “HKPropel Access,” “Web Study Guide,” “Web Resource,” or “Online Video.”


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Human Kinetics is pleased to introduce HKPropel, a new online material delivery system and learning platform for students! Not all online or ancillary materials are currently delivered through HKPropel, so before you get started, CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR ONLINE MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE ON HKPROPEL.

Once you purchase a product with HKPropel Access, you will receive an HKPropel access code along with redemption instructions. To access your online materials through HKPropel, follow the steps below. For technical support, contact us via email at

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “New user? Register here” link on the opening screen.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to create your HKPropel account.
  4. Enter the access code exactly as shown, including hyphens. You will not need to re-enter this access code on subsequent visits, and this access code cannot be redeemed by any other user.
  5. After your first visit, simply log in to to access your digital product.


As we complete our transition to HKPropel, some existing online materials will continue to be hosted in our legacy system. If your textbook is not listed on the HKPropel ancillary products list, this means that the online materials are not available through HKPropel yet, but you can still access them through My E-Products.

For textbooks that do not have ancillaries available in HKPropel yet, access your online materials through My E-Products using the following steps. An access code (or key code) is not provided when online materials are purchased directly through the HK website because access is automatically granted, so you may skip steps 3 through 5 below or follow the instructions provided on the Order Confirmation page.

  1. Create an Account with Human Kinetics, activate the account, and sign in. If you already have an account, just sign in.
  2. Go to the specific website associated with your product.
  3. In the left column of your book's site is a list of “Ancillary Items." In that column, click on “Enter Key Code."
  4. Locate your key code. It is printed on a letter that is either bound in your print book or shrink-wrapped separately. For some ebook products, you may also be emailed a key code following an ebook purchase from VitalSource, Amazon, or Redshelf.
  5. It will look similar to this: AUTHORLASTNAME-ABCDEFGH-9999999999
  6. Enter the key code in the text box and click Submit.
  7. The product(s) is unlocked and will appear as a link in the left column. Click on the link to access the product. On future visits to the site, all you need to do is sign in and follow the link!