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Ebook FAQs

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** General E-Book FAQS **

Human Kinetics sells e-books in PDF and/or ePUB format that are protected with Adobe Digital Rights Management. These e-books can be read on a variety of devices.

PDF format allows you to view an e-book in the same layout as a print copy of that book.  This enables you to see the book in its original design, with diagrams, photos, illustrations, and text appearing exactly the same as in the print book.  However, you will be unable to make any adjustments to the font or presentation. ePUB format strays from the layout of the print book and allows the text to re-flow based on the text size and font you choose.  This enables a device to re-flow text in a way that more appropriately fits the screen size.  If you are planning to read your e-book on a device with a small screen, ePUB is generally the preferred format.

An e-book can be downloaded up to a total of three (3) times. Note:  if you have misplaced your copy of a downloaded e-book, instructions for obtaining a history of your purchased digital materials may be found on the Human Kinetics website under My e-Products, or by clicking here, and following the instructions 'For Returning Customers'.

E-books are assigned to you through your Adobe ID. This means that you can transfer library items to as many as six computers or supported mobile devices. Before you can transfer items between devices, you must authorize those devices with your Adobe ID.

Note: Bookmarks and highlighting are not copied when items are transferred to another computer.
To transfer a library item to another authorized computer, do the following:

  1. On the computer you’re transferring from, locate and open the My Digital Editions folder, located inside the Documents folder of the local user account..
  2. Choose the ePUB or PDF files that correspond to the e-book titles you want to transfer.
  3. Copy the selected files to portable media such as a flash drive, or e-mail the files to the target device.
  4. On the target device, copy the ePUB or PDF files into the Documents\My Digital Editions folder of the local user account.
  5. Open Adobe Digital Editions on the target device. Choose "File > Add to Library", and then navigate to the My Digital Editions folder and select the new files to add to the library.

    Access to related ancillary products is only granted instantly when the e-book is purchased from the Human Kinetics website. If you have purchased your e-book from another source, there should be instructions toward the beginning of your e-book to purchase the ancillary materials separately from the Human Kinetics website.

    An account may be created on the Human Kinetics website by completing the Register process. Click here to create an account on the Human Kinetics website.

    Yes. All purchases made by Canadian residents will have the appropriate GST or HST added to the purchase price.

    ** Reading on a Windows or Macintosh computer **

    Adobe Digital Editions is a free e-book reader application used to read DRM-protected Adobe e-books. Adobe Digital Editions must be installed and authorized in order to use the DRM-protected Adobe e-books available at this site.

    Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions using an Adobe ID allows you to do more with Adobe e-books, such as downloading them on multiple computers and transferring them to supported portable devices. However, this is a matter of personal preference. Before deciding, please consider the following:

    If you use anonymous authorization, note these limitations…

    • You will only be able to read a downloaded Adobe e-book on a single computer.
    • You may authorize using an Adobe ID at any time. However, if you authorize Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe ID at a later time, the Adobe e-books you originally downloaded while using anonymous authorization will no longer be accessible.

    If you use an Adobe ID…

    • You will be able to read an Adobe e-book on up to 6 computers/devices that have been authorized with the same Adobe ID.
    • You will be able to transfer Adobe e-books to supported e-book devices authorized with the same Adobe ID.

    Creating an Adobe ID enables you to view e-books protected by Adobe’s digital rights management. When creating an Adobe ID, an email address must be used.  Human Kinetics recommends registering with the same email address (username) and password used when registering with Human Kinetics. This allows our technical support team to assist you in the event you forget this information for either account. If your Human Kinetics password does not meet Adobe’s password criteria, a different password must be created.

    1. Go to and click Sign in, which appears near the top right of the home page.
    2. Click "Get an Adobe ID".
    3. Fill in the necessary fields and click "Sign Up" at the bottom of the page.

    You have now created your Adobe ID account.

    • For help recovering a forgotten ID, click here 
    • For help recovering a forgotten password, click here 
    • For additional help or to contact Adobe support, visit Adobe's Manage Account Help link here (look for the section containing "Profile, ID, Password")

    For information regarding Adobe Digital Editions system requirements for iOS and Android devices, click here

    ** Reading on an iOS device **

    Yes.  Bluefire Reader is a free app that allows you to view your PDF and ePUB (where available) files from Human Kinetics. It’s important to authorize Bluefire with your Adobe ID so that you have access to content protected by Adobe’s digital rights management.

    ** Reading on an Amazon® Kindle and other devices **

    No. The Amazon Kindle does not support the Adobe e-books available at this site.

    Human Kinetics e-book titles can be transferred to other devices that support Adobe Digital Rights Management. Although Human Kinetics does not provide technical assistance with other devices, a list of those devices is maintained here.

    ** General Troubleshooting **

    You may find answers to your questions by reviewing the Adobe Digital Editions FAQs website here

    You can also contact Human Kinetics Technical Support.  Click here for Technical Support in your region.

    Click Here for instructions on accessing your digital products