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Three ultimate cardio booster workouts

This is an excerpt from Total Knockout Fitness by Martin Mckenzie & Stefanie Kirchner.

Total Knockout Fitness Ultimate Cardio Booster Workouts

The Total Knockout Fitness ultimate cardio booster workouts provide fun, simple ways of warming up, followed by intense, sweat-breaking main sessions and finishing off on a high with some stretching techniques to help you recover from your exercise session. So here we go—let's boost your cardio level once and for all!

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with the basic ultimate cardio booster workout and move to the intermediate workout after two weeks and then to the advanced workout. If you already have an established fitness routine, start with the intermediate and then move on to the advanced workout.

Basic Ultimate Cardio Booster Workout

The goal of the basic workout in figure 10.1 is to kick-start your cardiorespiratory fitness with an intense routine that will also tone your arms, glutes and legs. If you are new to exercise or have not exercised for a while, this workout is a great way to get you started on increasing your cardio level.

Intermediate Ultimate Cardio Booster Workout

The goal of the intermediate workout in figure 10.2 is to take your cardiorespiratory fitness to the next level by making your body work harder and thus burn more calories. If you have tried the basic cardio booster workout and feel that it does not challenge you enough, or if you already have a sound level of cardiorespiratory fitness, the intermediate cardio booster workout will be just right for you.

Advanced Ultimate Cardio Booster Workout

The goal of the advanced workout in figure 10.3 is to super-boost your cardiorespiratory fitness. This workout, with its slightly more challenging drills, is for you if you already have a high level of cardiorespiratory fitness and want to take it one step further.

If you want to take your cardiorespiratory fitness even further, you can integrate other sport activities, such as running, into your cardio workout. For example, you can include an 800-metre interval in your workout routine regularly to give your cardio an extra boost.

Start with a three-minute warm-up combination of jogging, hopping and short sprints. Then move on to three 45-second to 1-minute intervals at medium intensity, with one- to two-minute rests between them. Follow this with three 25-second intervals at high intensity, interspersed with 30-second rests, and jog back to the starting point after each interval. End with a slow two-minute jog to cool down. For best results, perform two interval training sessions per week.

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