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Total Knockout Fitness

Total Knockout Fitness

$24.95 USD


Product Format

    Are you ready to square off with the champion of total-body workouts? Prepared to burn calories, increase power and strength, sculpt muscles and transform your body? Then step into the ring with Total Knockout Fitness.

    Martin McKenzie, coach and advisor to world and business leaders, celebrities and top athletes, and Stefanie Kirchner, nutrition and holistic health therapist, team up to share their highly touted program that has produced amazing results for some of today’s highest-profile athletes and stars.

    In this special package, you’ll learn how to combine boxing, cardio, and cross-training to create a fast-paced program that works your entire body. With full-color photos, step-by-step descriptions of essential punches and combinations, and a DVD of workouts, variations and training tips, Total Knockout Fitness contains everything you need in order to begin the program and change your life.

    You’ll learn how to incorporate high-tempo movements and engage the core and upper- and lower-body muscles to burn fat and increase strength, flexibility, agility and cardiorespiratory endurance. And using rapid-fire moves, you’ll not only tone muscles but also enhance mind–body awareness, reduce stress and boost energy levels.

    Ideal for home or gym, with routines that can be performed solo or with a partner, the blend of boxing, cardio and cross-training is a fun and challenging yet unconventional program that works.

    If you’re ready to achieve that knockout body, look no further than Total Knockout Fitness.

    Round 1 Equipment

    Round 2 Knowing Your Opponent

    Round 3 Tipping the Scales in Your Favour

    Round 4 Warm-Ups

    Round 5 Form and Footwork

    Round 6 The Punch Precision

    Round 7 Total-Body Training

    Round 8 Flexibility

    Round 9 Cardio

    Round 10 Weight Loss

    Round 11 Toning and Shaping

    Round 12 Strength and Power

    Round 13 Going the Extra Round

    Martin McKenzie is a celebrity personal trainer, boxing consultant and top performance coach. He is also managing director of Fight Fit Training and Development Limited, a unique company delivering high-energy boxing for fitness classes and accredited courses, workshops and franchises for fitness professionals. The workouts featured in this book are part of the outstanding Fight Fit training systems and have been enjoyed by thousands worldwide. As the result of its success, Fight Fit Training and Development Limited has expanded throughout the United Kingdom. McKenzie has worked with elite athletes from various backgrounds such as boxing, mixed martial arts, and rowing. He has spent many years working with the UK’s most exclusive clubs to enhance their approach to overall fitness and health. He has also worked with the UK government and health ministers to help tackle the global epidemic of obesity.

    McKenzie’s frameworks for progressive change have put him in high demand in many sectors, industries and organizations – all wanting a specific design or system to help them change or transform their services. His personal passion in staying healthy and active – mentally and physically drove him to assist in the evolution of the fitness industry. From advising and assisting the government on the change for life program, where the focus was on creating healthy hearts and minds, to designing nutritional and fitness based programs for many of the top health club chains by his focus on the mind, McKenzie has been able to achieve rapid and long term transformation for individuals and collectives. McKenzie’s change and transformation approach has been in demand by many celebrities and leaders in various sectors.

    Stefanie Kirchner is a respected holistic health practitioner, lifestyle coach and nutrition therapist and runs a private practise at the prestigious Harley Street in London. She designs unique lifestyle and healthy diet programmes for her clients, including top athletes and celebrities. Stefanie also consults charitable organizations on their development of international food campaigns and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.