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The Sleeping Yogi Pose

This is an excerpt from Rocket® Yoga by David Kyle.

Yoga Nidrasana

(YOH-gah nee-DRAHS-ahna)

yoga = unite nidra = sleep asana = pose


First drishti: nasikagra—tip of the nose

  1. From adho mukha svanasana (p. 56), on an inhale, jump through the hands to a seated position with the hips between the hands and the legs extended straight out front. Lie down on your back.
  2. Bring the left leg behind the head, allowing the shin of the left leg to rest behind the neck. Lift the chest and head up to counteract the pressure from the leg. Engage the hamstrings of the left leg to stabilize and hold the leg in place.
  3. Bring the right leg behind the head as well, placing it behind the left leg and crossing the feet at the ankles.
  4. Bring the hands behind the lower back and clasp the hands together in a bind.
  5. Draw the navel into the spine to engage uddiyana bandha, stabilize the core, and bring the breath into the rib cage. Lift the pelvic floor to engage mula bandha and relax the hip muscles. Maintain the soft sound of the breath through the contraction of the throat to gently apply jalandhara bandha.
  6. Hold for five breaths.

Sleeping yogi pose

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