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Gate pose

This is an excerpt from Foundational Yoga Flow by Collette Ouseley-Moynan & Weston Carls.

Gate Pose Parighasana

About This Pose

Gate pose is a lesser sequenced pose that deserves more attention because it has amazing benefits. It stretches both the inner and outer thighs in addition to providing an intense lengthening of the sides of the body. That length prepares you for deep twists, folds, and backbends, as well as opening the side ribs for deeper breathing. Note that in Iyengar yoga, this pose takes both hands to the extended foot. You may eventually work up to that version, but it is not included as a foundational pose. You may want to use a cushion under the knee you are kneeling on.

How To

  • From a tall kneeling position, extend one leg out to the side and place your foot completely on the ground, with your toes facing the same direction as your hips.
  • Squeeze your glutes and engage your deep core to stabilize your pelvis.
  • Slide your same-side arm down your extended leg toward your ankle as far as you can without rotating your chest as you find lateral flexion in the spine.
  • Reach your opposite arm overhead with the palm down.
  • Inhale and expand the back of your rib cage as well as the top side of your rib cage.
  • Exhale and engage the bottom side obliques to access more side bend.
  • Gaze forward, keeping your head in line with the rest of your spine, or slightly rotate to look up or down and relax your head.
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