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Cone zigzag run

This is an excerpt from Complete Conditioning for Football by Aaron Wellman.

The cone zigzag run exercise is used to challenge the ability to maintain speed as much as possible while changing direction through a series of 45-degree cuts for a predetermined distance.


  1. Begin the exercise in an athletic ready position with the feet square, a lowered center of mass, and a stance slightly wider than hip-width at the starting cone.
  2. Rotate the hips 45 degrees toward the next cone and accelerate to it until past the cone.
  3. Make a plant step once past the cone and flip the hips in the opposite direction 45 degrees toward the next cone and accelerate to it.
  4. Continue making 45-degree cuts until past the last cone, where a 5-yard maximal linear acceleration is performed to finish the drill.
  5. The goal is to make effective plant steps at each cone, preserving as much speed as possible and gaining ground out of each plant toward the next cone.

Figure 4.7 Cone zigzag run.
Figure 4.7 Cone zigzag run.

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