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Active at Home

  • Relaxing yoga sequence: 30 minutes

    Relaxing yoga sequence: 30 minutes

    This relaxing sequence only takes about 30 minutes of your time, but you can spend longer in poses if you choose, or repeat exercises if desired. Learn more in Big and...

  • Stack Attack Partner Workout

    Stack Attack Partner Workout

    This full body workout stacks three exercises. Each set begins with a cardio exercise, transitions to a lower-body-focused exercise, and finishes with an upper-body-focused exercise. Repeat each segment in order...

  • Legs and Hips Workout

    Legs and Hips Workout

    This program from JC's Total Body Transformation is a functional training program with a metabolic blast at the end. This workout can be tailored for the intermediate or advanced trainee...

  • Dumbbell Arm Blaster

    Dumbbell Arm Blaster

    This program from JC's Total Body Transformation is a specialized dumbbell-only workout for the arms. This a perfect workout for people who want to do a specialized workout at home...

  • Bodyweight exercises for core strength

    Using only your body weight can be an extremely effective strategy for strengthening your core muscles. The movement-based exercises should be performed at a steady pace under control in order...

  • The Holy Grail

    The Holy Grail

    Goblet squats are an excellent squat variation for beginners and even advanced lifters as they put your torso in the ideal upright position for great technique and proper depth. They...

  • The Big Hurt

    The Big Hurt

    Sometimes a workout is all about gaining strength. Other times it's about feeling the muscle contraction and getting a pump. And sometimes it's just about survival. This workout falls into...