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Stride Jump

This is an excerpt from High-Powered Plyometrics-2nd Edition by James C. Radcliffe & Robert C. Farentinos.


A long, sturdy bench, rectangular box, or row of bleachers or stadium steps is required for the stride jump. This exercise is excellent for any sport or activity that requires good projection of the hips from a single-leg or alternating-leg movement. The idea behind this exercise is to place the hips and one leg to increase the stride without compromising posture and technique.

Starting Position

Assume a position to the side and at one end of the bench. Place the inside foot on top of the bench, and hold the arms down at the sides (see figure a).

Action Sequence

Begin by executing a push from both legs, simultaneously with an upward movement of the arms. Using the inside leg (foot on bench) for power, jump upward as high as possible and perform a maximal knee drive with the outside (swing) leg (see figures b - d). Begin the training with single responses, focusing on coordinating the downward push onto the bench with the upward drive of the swing knee and arm(s). Synchronizing the swing-and-scissors motion and the step-with-drive motion is very challenging. Perform this exercise using the progressions detailed in chapter 3: single response, multiple response with pause, and multiple response.

For multiple response, repeat the action as soon as the outside leg (away from the bench) touches the ground. Use mainly the inside leg for power and support, allowing the outside leg to contact the ground with minimal time and maximal impulse. Once you reach the end of the bench, turn around, and, reversing the leg positions, repeat the sequence in the other direction. Remember to gain full height and body extension with each jump.

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