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Power yoga poses for golfers

This is an excerpt from Teaching Power Yoga for Sports by Gwen Marie Garro Lawrence.

This is an excerpt from Teaching Power Yoga for Sports by Gwen Lawrence.

Golfers require great hand grip and open forearms, symmetrical back muscles, and back strength. They also need open hips and deep spinal rotation for powerful torque. Finally, they need flexible necks, clear eyes, a calm mind, and calm breathing to deal with high-pressure situations.

Common Injuries in Golf

Back problems, imbalance issues, tight hips and wrists, neck strain, mental challenges

Yoga Poses Closely Related to Movements in Golf

Lunge Twist (pg. 98)

This pose improves overall balance and stability and increases spinal rotation, which will give the golfer more power.

Lunge Twist

Lizard (pg. 71)

This pose clearly mimics the needs of the focused golfer, with its deep twisting action and rotation of the neck to track the rolling ball's potential path.


Squat (pg. 79)

This pose opens the groin and inner thigh to help release pressure on the knees and free up the spine for better rotation.


Top Five Poses for Golf

1. Pigeon (pg. 178)

It is very important for a golfer to have clear, open hips to rotate and drive the ball. It is important to always open both sides, not to surrender to the massive imbalance that golf creates. Pigeon is preferred to get a deep hip stretch and opposite quad flexibility. Do this pose for five minutes on each side.


2. Hero's Pose with Toes Tucked (pg. 115)

Picture the finished pose of driving the ball, up on that back toe. Hero's pose with toes tucked supports great finesse at the finish. Do this pose for two minutes.

Hero's Pose with Toes Tucked

3. Boat Pose (pg. 111)

This pose not only strengthens a golfer's core but also increases back strength and improves posture for better breathing in critical pressure spots. Do this pose for one minute three times.

Boat Pose

4. Inverted Plank (pg. 138)

This pose is a nice complement to golf. This pose opens the chest and anterior shoulder for better posture and increased spinal rotation. It strengthens the arms, opens the wrists to decrease wrist strain, and increases grip strength. It also adds a little power to the legs. Do this pose for one minute three times.

Inverted Plank

5. Lunge Twist (pg. 98)

This pose increases power and strength in the legs and at the same time enables the golfer to increase spinal twist for more power on the tee. Do this pose for one minute on each side.

Lunge Twist

Yoga Sequence for Golf table

Yoga Sequence for Golf table

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