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Active at Home

  • Boat Pose for Core Strength and Balance

    Boat Pose for Core Strength and Balance

    Use boat pose in mountain III to strengthen your core and improve your balance. Practice boat pose after seated forward fold to assist you in maintaining a neutral spine by...

  • Find your cycling training zone

    Find your cycling training zone

    To maximize the benefits of any training session, you need to get in the zone--the training zone. But how do you know which intensity level will get you there? For...

  • Active with Kids At Home Activity: Comic Book Moves

    Active with Kids At Home Activity: Comic Book Moves

    Equipment: Magazines (including comic books or graphic novels), poster paper, marker Time: 15 to 20 minutes Activity Category: Individual pursuits Safety: Ensure that the activity space is a safe distance...

  • Tips for safely increasing running distance

    Tips for safely increasing running distance

    Running is an excellent method for staying active, whether you are training for a specific event like a 5K, marathon, or triathlon, or running for exercise and enjoyment. To avoid...

  • Core Circuit

    Core Circuit

    If you're traveling and find yourself with limited space and equipment--or even if you are at home and need a compact workout--try this core circuit that requires only you, the...

  • The Ball Buster

    The Ball Buster

    Medicine balls are a great way of training for power without the technical skill required for traditional power movements such as the clean and the snatch. This medicine ball circuit...

  • The Inferno Workout

    The Inferno Workout

    A famous saying claims that what gets measured, gets managed. In the following workout, what's being measured is how many reps you can perform in a specific time frame. But...