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Try this move: cable fly

This is an excerpt from M.A.X. Muscle Plan 2.0-2nd Edition, The by Brad Schoenfeld.

Cable Fly

This move targets the chest muscles, particularly the sternal portion. Secondary emphasis is on the front delts.

Grasp the handles of a high-pulley apparatus. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart in a staggered stance and slightly bend your torso forward at the waist. Slightly bend your arms and hold them out to the sides so that they are approximately parallel with the floor.

Keeping your upper torso and your core rigid, pull both handles down and across your body, creating a semicircular movement. Bring your hands together at the level of your waist and squeeze your chest muscles so that you feel a contraction in the midline area. Reverse the direction and allow your hands to return along the same path to the start position.


  • Your elbows should remain slightly bent and fixed throughout the move—don’t flex or extend them at any time. That alteration turns the exercise into a pressing movement rather than a fly.
  • As you lift, it can be helpful to think of hugging a beach ball to maintain the semicircular motion.

cable fly

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