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Teach students that recycling is fun and easy when we all pitch in

This is an excerpt from 50 Games for Going Green by Carol Scaini & Carolyn Evans.

Activate your students' interest in environmental issues through fun physical activities with
50 Games for Going Green.

Pitch In

Eco Thought

Recycling can be easy when we all pitch in and do it together. Find out how you can get recycling bins at your school and set up a recycling program. Recycling is good for all of us.


  • A variety of recyclable materials (e.g., water bottles, newspapers, aluminum cans, plastic containers) or a variety of equipment (e.g., beanbags, skipping ropes, balls, scoops), enough for 2 items per student
  • 2 recycling bins
  • Stopwatch or gym clock


  • Divide players into two teams, forming two lines.
  • Place an empty recycling bin at the end of each line and half of the recycling items at the beginning of each line.

How to Play

1. On the go signal, both teams pass their recycling items down their line.

2. The first player passes the item over his or her head to the second player, who passes it through his or her legs to the third player, who passes it over his or her head, and so on.

3. The first team to safely recycle all of its materials can cheer, “We pitched in!”


Ensure recyclable items are safe and clean.


  • Change the method of passing the recyclable items (e.g., elbows only, knees only, feet only, sideways).
  • Move the bin farther away so that the last player in line can pitch it into a recycling bin, using a different way of pitching it each time (e.g., with one hand, overhand, underhand, set shot, with both feet, backward).
  • Challenge the teams to see who can put the most recyclable materials into their bin within a set amount of time.
  • Challenge the teams to beat their score within a set time.

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