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Performing grabs, including the double, indy, and method grabs.

This is an excerpt from Mastering Snowboarding by Hannah Teter & Tawnya Schultz.

From the basics to advanced techniques and tricks, learn everything you need to know about snowboarding in
Mastering Snowboarding.


Now that you can jump and have begun to spin, it's time for you to learn how to put some style into it. You don't want to be flailing all over while you're up in the air. Establishing control and making what you're doing look cool and natural identifies you as a solid snowboarder. Grabs let you demonstrate your skills and change up a trick to give it some oomph. Being able to do them properly will also help you maintain control when you start attempting more technical spins. Every grab has an endless number of variations. A rider can perform a grab along any part of the board, toe or heel-side, nose or tail and can grab with one or even both hands in endless positions. Riders add grabs to personalize a trick and add more style. Nail down the basic grabs presented in this section, then tweak them on your own. Always remember to stay bent when attempting any grab, and for a clean grab, wrap your hand around the edge of the board.

You can also do a double grab. The double has many variations, but it's any grab (front, back, toe, or heel) performed with both hands. Both hands will be grabbing the edge of the board, whether it's both grabbing the nose, both grabbing the tail, one grabbing either, or even crossing your arms and grabbing (if you are skilled); there are many ways to get creative with a double grab. Grabbing with the leading hand in between the back bindings on the heel-side edge and the back hand between the frontside toe-side edge is a common double grab. You can add in a spin once you get your grabs dialed, although performing double nose or tail grabs is more advanced, since positioning your body in that way may feel strange and can throw off your rotation. Pick a style and try it out for yourself.

Indy Grab

The indy grab consists of grabbing the middle of your board with your back hand on the toe-side edge in between your feet. Practice on flat ground by bending your knees and reaching down with your front hand directly between your legs. When you're ready to try it in the air, grab in between your feet at your toes with your back hand as you start to peak in the air, right off the lip. Hold the grab until you start to come down from your jump. There are a number of things you can do with your other arm, but most riders throw it in the air during the grab, either naturally to help with balance or for style.

Indy Grab Instructions

  1. Ride toward a small jump, staying low and bending your knees.
  2. As you approach the lip, pop an ollie in the air.
  3. The more deeply bent you are the better. As you peak in the air, reach down (but don't look down; it should be a natural motion) with your back hand in between your feet on the toe-side edge of your board, keeping your grabbing arm bent.
  4. As you descend, let go and land with your back foot flat on the snow, followed by your front.
  5. Ride away and try it again.

Method Grab

The method grab is one of the most talked about and sought-after grabs in snowboarding. The method takes considerable time to perfect and tweak out, and there is a lot of controversy about how to do it properly and who does it best. This trick has been celebrated in its own contests and events in recent years. Most riders consider the method the epitome of snowboard style. The method takes superior skill because you need to move the board and your body while in the air.

To attempt a method, ollie and pop in the air, lifting the board behind your back. This sounds really odd, but it's almost as if you are jumping in the air and bending both your knees toward your butt. When the board is in the air behind you, grab the heel-edge center of the board with your front hand. Most riders throw the opposite hand up in the sky. The entire time your whole upper body is facing uphill, but your shoulders and head are tweaked downhill. As you descend, release your hands and land as you normally would, and ride away downhill. The method seems unnatural at first, but it gets easier with practice, and the variations are fun and challenging. This trick is super fun and essential for all genuine snowboarders. Watching videos and seeing it in action will help you perfect yours.

Method Grab Instructions

  1. Ride toward a small jump, staying low and bending your knees.
  2. As you approach the lip, pop an ollie in the air, lifting your knees toward your back and butt.
  3. Your body should be facing uphill, except for your shoulders and head, which should be facing slightly downhill.
  4. As you lift your knees toward your back, reach to the heel-side center of your board so your base, also known as the bottom of your board, is high in the air and at an angle.
  5. As you descend, let go of your grab and bring your feet back underneath you so you can land with your back foot first, flat on the snow, followed by your front.
  6. Ride away and try it again.

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