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Dodge: a rapid shift of the body from one line of travel to another

This is an excerpt from Fundamental Movement Skills: Active Start and FUNdamental Stages Featuring Indigenous Peoples Games-2nd Edition by PHE Canada.


Cree: Tawámow/wíkatépaniyow

Inuktitut: Toavikhoni nuutok

Ojibway: Ikotaan


Characteristics of the DODGE

Cue Words for Children

Dodging action:

Eyes focused in direction of travel

Body lowered during change of direction

Change direction by pushing off outside foot

Change of direction occurs in one step

Can change direction in both directions

Look where you are running

Get low

Push off

One step

Go left, go right

B. Teaching Tips

Developmental changes to watch for leading up to mature dodge:

  • Initially, children run to a point and then take several steps to turn their whole body to the new intended direction of travel.
  • Children do not bend their knees.
  • Transfer of weight becomes more rapid; spatial and directional awareness improve.
  • Timing of movement improves.
  • Improving ability to deal with complex and unpredictable environments while dodging (i.e., in fleeingchasing games).
  • Developmental changes also include increasing ability to dodge off either foot, the ability to perform several dodging movements in a row, and the ability to include a head and shoulder fake.

Difficulties to watch for:

Difficulties to watch for

Safety Note: When practicing the dodge, avoid slippery surfaces.

Other activities for practicing the DODGE

Push off

Skills: Dodging, running

Children: Individual

Equipment: Cones

Area: Gymnasium, court or field

Activities: Place cones in a designated area. The children jog between the cones and push off with their outside foot as they reach each one.


- Adjust the speed of travel (i.e., walk, jog, run).

Locomotor circuit

Skills: Dodging, skipping, jumping

Children: Individual

Equipment: Cones, hula hoops, skipping ropes

Area: Gymnasium, court or field

Activities: Set up a circuit. The children hop over the skipping ropes, jump across the hoops, dodge from cone to cone, and crabwalk back to the beginning.


- Set up multiple circuits.

- Modify the number of skipping ropes, hoops, and cones in the circuit.

- Vary the order in the circuit.

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