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Coaching tips and advice for players

This is an excerpt from Cricket: 99.94 Tips to Improve Your Game by Ken Davis & Neil Buszard.

Gaining Wisdom

Cricket wisdom can be gained from a variety of sources. Giving advice is not only the domain of the elite superstars of the game. Many intelligent, committed, and observant people play and watch the game without reaching the dizzy heights of representing their country.

So many experiences occur in every Australian summer that can provide learning opportunities for our future players. You can learn from watching both Test matches and the local under-12 competition. You can gain good advice from those who have taken block at Lord's or from those who have sent down a googly at Pomborneit. In short, cricket wisdom knows no boundaries.

The people involved are not all Test players. They are simply a collection of cricket aficionados who have devoted a lot of their life to playing and coaching cricket. We believe their advice and experiences can be helpful to all aspiring coaches and players.

99.05 Clinton Peake (Former First-Class Player and Australian Under-19 Captain)

Coaching Tip

Don't try to be someone else! I found it a great temptation to try to bat like other people I admired. I also had more success as a batsman by playing to my own strengths and game plan and ignoring what the batsman at the other end was doing. Staying true to my own strengths and personality has greatly assisted me at times of pressure to keep on doing what I think is right for me.

Advice for Players

Following the marketing of Twenty20 cricket and the one-day World Cup, I think a lot of young players fall into the trap of thinking they have to be able to score a run at every ball or be able to bowl every type of delivery to be worth a game. The best advice I can give to a young player is that they must be able to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. Only by doing this will they be able to achieve and sustain above-average performance.

99.10 Jason Bakker (Former First-Class Player)

Coaching Tip

Bat with selectivity and patience, knowing that scoring opportunities will always be nearby. Impatient and overzealous players tend to support their team-mates from the change rooms after they have thrown their wicket away.

Advice for Players

Train and aspire to be a complete player. Don't underestimate or undervalue other facets to the game of cricket apart from your core skill or competency. (I bet Phil Jacques wishes he spent more time on fielding practice at a younger age.)

99.15 Belinda Clark (Former Australian Captain)

Coaching Tip

You will get out at some point, so make the most of the opportunity to score runs whilst you are in!

Advice for Players

If you consider your game as a bucket, the aim is to fill the bucket with as much targeted practice as you can at any early age. Those who have spent time filling their buckets will have a greater chance to be the best they can be.

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