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Active at Home

  • 30-Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout

    30-Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout

    This 30-minute lower body HIIT workout requires no equipment except your own body, and can be completed literally anywhere. Following timings as shown for each individual block of work and...

  • Types of HIIT workouts

    Types of HIIT workouts

    HIIT workouts make great at-home workouts, because they can be performed anywhere, with any equipment you have on hand or with no equipment at all. You can do a HIIT...



    You're probably already taking advantage of this extra time at home to take more and longer walks, why not take the time to walk a half marathon this summer? With...

  • Determining Training Zones for Cyclists

    Determining Training Zones for Cyclists

    Determining your cycling training zone will help you determine your maximum heart rate. Knowing your maximum heart rate will help you choose the proper level training program. Chapter 11 of...

  • Find your cycling training zone

    Find your cycling training zone

    To maximize the benefits of any training session, you need to get in the zone--the training zone. But how do you know which intensity level will get you there? For...

  • Tips for safely increasing running distance

    Tips for safely increasing running distance

    Running is an excellent method for staying active, whether you are training for a specific event like a 5K, marathon, or triathlon, or running for exercise and enjoyment. To avoid...

  • The Inferno Workout

    The Inferno Workout

    A famous saying claims that what gets measured, gets managed. In the following workout, what's being measured is how many reps you can perform in a specific time frame. But...

  • The Big Bang Workout

    The Big Bang Workout

    Plyometric exercises are an excellent way of utilizing the stretch-shortening cycle to develop athletic performance. The stretch-shortening cycle is defined as an active stretch of a muscle followed by an...