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Sample Body-Weight Training Exercises

This is an excerpt from Strength Training for Fat Loss-2nd Edition by Nick Tumminello.

Two-Arm Compound Band Row—Overhead Reverse Lunge—Push-Back Push-Up—Frog Jump

This complex uses a band to perform compound rows in place of chin-ups for times when you do not have access to a chin-up bar. Perform 5 compound rows, then 4 reverse lunges (8 total), then 3 push-back push-ups, and finish with 2 frog jumps. After performing the reps provided for exercise, repeat the sequence from the beginning.

1 Two-Arm Compound Band Row

Stand with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, facing a band that is attached at midtorso to shoulder level to a stable structure or inside a doorjamb (many resistance bands come with an attachment for this). Hold one handle in each hand and hinge at your hips, reaching your arms above you toward the origin of the band (see figure a). Reverse this motion to stand up while simultaneously performing a row by pulling both arms into your chest, finishing the row at the same time you return to standing upright (see figure b). Slowly reverse the motion, hinging at your hips and reaching out using good rhythm and coordination.

Two-Arm Compound Band Row

2 Overhead Reverse Lunge

This is a great lunge option if you have limited training space because the mechanics are the same as in the walking lunge, except you don’t move across the room and you step backward instead of forward. With your arms extended above your head and with your feet hip-width apart (see figure c), step backward with one foot and drop your body so your knee lightly touches the floor (see figure d). Reverse the movement by coming out of the lunge and bringing your same foot forward so that you are back to your starting position. Perform the same movement on the opposite leg.

Overhead Reverse Lunge

3 Push-Back Push-Up

Begin in a push-up position with your hands and feet shoulder-width apart (see figure e). Instead of pushing up out of the push-up in the traditional manner, soften your knees and push yourself backward toward your feet, keeping your hips as low as possible (see figure f). Reverse this motion and drop into the bottom of the push-up to complete 1 rep (see figure g).

Push-Back Push-Up

4 Frog Jump

With your knees bent roughly 20 degrees, hinge forward at your hips so that your back is parallel to the floor and your fingertips touch the ground in between your legs (see figure h). With a straight spine, explode into the air, straightening your body in midair (see figure i). Land as softly as possible in the starting position and repeat the jump.

Frog Jump

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