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Five step sport sales process

This is an excerpt from Sales and Revenue Generation in Sport Business With HKPropel Access by David Shonk & James Weiner.

The Sport Sales Process and the PRO Method

Throughout this book, we will be using the same five-step method to maximize revenue generation for the sport organization. The quick description of each step is described here and in figure 2.1.

  • Step 1: PROspect for qualified customers
  • Step 2: PRObe for information with open-ended questions
  • Step 3: PROvide solutions by matching product benefits with customer information
  • Step 4: PROpose an offer that best fits the customer’s needs
  • Step 5: PROtect the relationship by maintaining contact and customer service

Figure 2.1 The PRO method of selling can be used in every sector of sport business to maximize revenue generation.
Figure 2.1 The PRO method of selling can be used in every sector of sport business to maximize revenue generation.

Although these steps are numbered in an order, note that you may not always follow them in that order. Oftentimes, you will uncover new information in steps 3 and 4 that require you to go back and ask more questions (step 2). Likewise, you may propose an offer that the customer declines, which leads to a new objection that you need to solve (step 3) before proposing a new offer. Although all of this may seem like a time-consuming process, you will quickly discover that some conversations with customers include the entire process in only a few minutes, whereas others take dozens of conversations and hours of time. Regardless, the process remains the same.

You may be wondering whether these steps apply most precisely to suite sales, corporate sponsorship sales, or fundraising. The answer is simple: all of them. To be clear, the steps you take in a revenue generation position will remain the same whether you are selling a $50 ticket, a $50,000 corporate partnership, or a $500,000 gift. The only changes between these types of sales are the details involved. To demonstrate this, we will use three distinct examples of sport products throughout this chapter. Keep these basic details in mind:

Example 1: Suzie Flynn is a mother of two who has a general interest in attending professional soccer games.

Example 2: Sam Schmidt owns a barbeque restaurant located near a professional NFL team.

Example 3: Lamar Wilson is a wealthy donor who is contemplating the funding of a sports and recreation facility for underprivileged youth.