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Execution plays an important role in the direction the arrow goes

This is an excerpt from Archery by USA Archery.

Execution Improvement Drills and Activities

Developing a clean execution is very important because execution plays such an important role in the direction the arrow goes. All the steps of the shot cycle are designed to allow you to execute the shot as clean as possible. The actual execution and release should be subconscious actions. There are a few activities and drills that help in developing clean execution.

Execution Drill

One drill involves using a training aid such as a Formaster (by Range-O-Matic) or the Shot Trainer (by Astra Archery). This training aid attaches the bow string to your drawing elbow (see figure 8.10). When you release, you must continue to expand and increase your back tension to resist the force of the bow and cord from pulling you forward. It can be used with or without an arrow. This type of training aid is excellent in improving reaction time of the release when using a clicker, and it is preferred to use this training aid while aiming at a target. This training aid can also be used indoors without using an arrow and is an excellent way to train when weather or time prevents outdoor target training.

Figure 8.10

Bow Release Drill

The Bow Release Drill teaches you how to correctly release the bow. A correct release requires you to release both the bow string and bow grip simultaneously to consistently put a constant amount and direction of momentum into each arrow and to maintain the barrel of the gun through the release. The Bow Release Drill can be practiced first without a bow or stretch band. Mimic the action of the steps of the shot cycle. At release, try to synchronize the release of your drawing hand and bow hand. Notice that your thumb and index finger are pointed straight down. After you have developed the ability to synchronize the release of your drawing hand and bow hand without using a stretch band, you can start doing the same drill with a stretch band. Next perform this drill with the bow. To perform this drill with a bow, shoot without a finger sling; have your coach catch the bow where the stabilizer connects to the riser (see figure 8.11). Caution: Do this drill only with a qualified coach and take all necessary precautions.

Figure 8.11

Posture Drill

The Posture Drill is excellent for helping you maintain your head position and posture throughout the shot and can be used while you are using a stretch band or shooting. To perform this drill, your coach rests her hand slightly on your head while you are going through all the steps of the shot cycle (see figure 8.12). If your coach feels your head move, he presses down firmly on your head, enough to prevent you from moving your head throughout the entire shot process for a few shots. After a few shots, your coach then presses down firmly on your head just from set to setup position. After setup your coach removes his hand to see whether you can better control your body and head. Do this drill only if you are having trouble controlling your head and posture during the shooting process.

Figure 8.12

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