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Cultural Equity Discourse Questions

This is an excerpt from Cultural Equity in Physical Education by Tara B. Blackshear,Brian Culp & SHAPE America - Society of Health and Physical Educators.

By Victor Ramsey

  1. Do you have a student like Mercedes? If so, have you thought about strategies to support them? Does your school or school district offer workshops specifically for teaching ELLs?
  2. Identify the intracultural conflicts presented in the case (hint: there are at least three).
  3. Do you have coworkers who talk and treat students the same way Ms. M treated Mercedes and her classmates?
  4. What should or will you say or do for students like Mercedes if you notice Ms. M and certain students saying things to her that may affect her emotional well-being?
  5. How do your PE instructional practices support students like Mercedes?
  6. Why is it important to know more about other ethnic groups?
  7. Describe intentional acts of addressing the needs of English language learners in your health and physical education classes.
  8. How do you perceive Mercedes? Do you view her as an individual or compare her to others?
  9. In this story, there are issues from the community affecting ELLs. Why is it important to research cultural norms as part of your planning for health and physical education?
  10. How might you learn more about Mercedes’ needs without violating her trust?
  11. Ms. M stated, “In this country, we speak English and only English.” What do you believe she meant by that statement?
  12. How does the political climate in the United States directly affect the education of English language learners? What might school administrators and other school stakeholders do to better support ELLs?
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