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Build strength with the cable EZ-bar biceps curl

This is an excerpt from Strength Zone Training by Nick Tumminello.

Cable EZ-Bar Biceps Curl

You can perform this exercise with your feet parallel or in a small staggered stance (as shown in this exercise). Some people prefer the staggered stance because it helps them to be less inclined to cheat by using their lower back. Both stances are effective options depending on your personal preference.


Stand tall in front of an adjustable cable column with an EZ-bar handle attached to the column below your knees. Hold each side of the handle with an underhand grip, using the angled grip portion of the bar (your palms turned slightly toward each other). Keep your arms by your sides and your elbows slightly bent (see figure a).

Action and Coaching Tips

Curl the EZ-bar handle up toward your shoulders by bending at your elbows without allowing them to move forward (see figure b). Once your hands are in front of your shoulders, reverse the motion by slowly lowering the EZ bar until your arms are almost straight.

Cable EZ-Bar Biceps Curl

NT Loop Biceps Curl


Stand tall with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart and an NT Loop or a looped rubber resistance band securely anchored under your feet. Hold one side of the band with each hand with an underhand grip, with a slight bend in your elbows (see figure a).

Action and Coaching Tips

Curl the band up toward your shoulders by bending your elbows without allowing them to move upward (see figure b). Do not allow your lower back to overextend as you curl the band into you. Once you cannot bend your elbows any further, reverse the motion slowly until your elbows are straight again. You can make this exercise more difficult by grabbing the band farther down to create more tension.