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How to Overcome the Three Biggest Barriers to Exercise

Using the best of a variety of exercise forms, including fitness, yoga, Pilates, and barre, fusion workouts are proving to be an exciting and innovative way to get fit, build strength, change body composition, and feel good. Helen Vanderburg, creator and program developer of Fusion Fitness Training, says the distinct blending of fusion workouts is an efficient way to gain strength, muscle definition, endurance, flexibility, and balance.


A unique feature of fusion workouts is the variety of exercise sequences that challenge the body to adapt and change, leading to incredible results and a lean, sculpted physique. It is well documented that regularly changing your exercise routine keeps the body adapting and helps prevent exercise plateaus. “By frequently changing the type of exercises, the sequencing, and the intensity of the work, the body is continually stimulated to make changes, producing better results over time,” says Vanderburg, author of Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre.


The fusion methodology teaches its adherents how to master the movement of the body to achieve the best results. The foundation of fusion is quality of movement, something that exercise experts agree is essential to achieving those results. Exercises done with poor technique, alignment, and posture place undue stress on the joints and eventually cause strain. “You also run the risk of not achieving the desired training results,” warns Vanderburg. “As with any activity, the better you master the movement using ideal alignment and technique, the better the outcome.”


Workout variety and proper technique offer numerous fitness benefits, but the ability of fusion training to engage both regular and reluctant exercisers sets it apart from other approaches. The program Vanderburg outlines in the book holds great appeal to fitness buffs and those who have been apprehensive about getting started while helping people overcome the three biggest barriers to exercise:


  1. Time. Fusion workouts are efficient, offering the best of yoga, Pilates, fitness, and barre all in one workout. Individuals control how much time they allocate to their workout each day. With the flexibility of the workout plans, they do not need to skip a workout if they do not have an hour to dedicate to it. They can simply use the fusion five-step system and create efficient workouts in as little as 15 minutes.
  2. Accessibility. Convenience is an important factor in keeping a fitness program on track. “Whether at home, in a gym, or on vacation, you can practice fusion exercises anywhere and anytime to improve muscular strength, stability, balance, flexibility, and endurance as well as to improve mindfulness and create peace of mind,” says Vanderburg, a member of both the Canada Sports Hall of Fame and the International Aquatic Hall of Fame. With no specialized equipment or experience required, fusion exercises also allow individuals to tailor their own workouts.
  3. Boredom. Doing anything too much and for too long will lead to boredom. A benefit of fusion workouts is that they can vary as much as people like. The fusion system is unique in that it offers more than one way to exercise, including 15 easy-to-follow workouts based on fitness level, time, purpose, and activity. “You will never get bored doing fusion workouts,” promises Vanderburg. “This nonimpact body-weight exercise program will define, strengthen, restore, and nurture your body and soul.”


Featuring full-color photography, Fusion Workouts offers 15 ready-to-use programs that are based on fitness level (Begin, Evolve, Challenge), time (20, 40, 60 minutes), purpose (core strength, lower body and balance, upper body and strength, full body, restoration and relaxation), and activity (fusion athletic, fusion barre, fusion Pilates core, and fusion yoga Pilates).