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Here's what some of our program participants shared about their experience with Active Living Every Day.

"Active Living Every Day was a great way to get motivated to stay physically active."

"I am more sedentary than I ever thought-thanks for making me more aware!"

"Active Living Every Day inspired me to live life fully. Joining the program was the start of a major transformation in my life."

"My life will never be the same again. I feel like I am beginning anew. I have a new attitude, a new way of life, and a new way of thinking."

"The workbook we used in the program helped me think about ways to bring joy into physical activity and make it fun."

"I feel like a new person. My life has changed and I am much happier. I feel better about myself. My weight has always been a problem, but now I feel I finally have control."

Healthy Eating Every Day gets rave reviews, as well.

"I am delighted that my blood sugar levels have gone down during the class period. And I contribute feeling better to eating a more balanced diet."

"I initially joined the HEED class to learn about the choices and combinations to make for a healthier diet for me and my family. However, the changes that we made impacted us all more than I imagined! My husband and son have both lost weight. My husband's doctor has taken him off of his cholesterol medication. Both my daughters tell me they have more energy. Me, I went shopping and realized that I dropped a dress size. Thank you for all the valuable information presented in this class."

"My blood pressure is well within normal range, my overall moods remain positive and seem on an even keel, and I have lost weight merely by balancing intake with a variety of food groups, practicing portion control, and walking on my breaks at work… I now eat to live; I no longer live to eat."

"I lost about 12 pounds and seem to have much more energy. Coupling the healthy eating part with exercising seemed to have been the key in my case. It feels good to finally see some results."

Our program providers and facilitators find that Active Living Every Day and Healthy Eating Every Day offer multiple benefits in their communities and organizations.

"We truly believe in the philosophy behind the research and mission. Additionally, after three years of facilitating, I KNOW it works. I have had more than one participant tell me these courses have changed their lives. It just doesn't get much better than that."

"Active Living Every Day gives participants the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to make behavior changes for a lifetime."

"We are using Active Living Every Day because of its scientific basis, behavior change techniques, and focus on moderate physical activity. It has great potential to help older adults become active."

"This program is wonderful for ALL types of participants. The skills learned during the classes can be applied to different aspects of life, in addition to physical activity."

"I receive numerous comments from employees about the changes they have made and the new foods they have tried. Employees who take the class and change their habits have reported more energy and focus at work. People have lost unwanted pounds and can now wear smaller dress sizes. The changes I have seen are pretty amazing."

"These programs are perfect because they allow our seniors to make their own decisions about which behaviors to change and the pace at which they want to make those changes."

"Word of mouth by people who valued the program and saw results speaks volumes about its success. We've had people who've been able to discontinue medications and others who lost 20 to 30 pounds. Some people who had sedentary lifestyles are now running half marathons and triathlons."