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Complete Guide to Strength Training Methods epub, The

Complete Guide to Strength Training Methods epub, The

$29.95 USD


Product Format
    Finally, the strength training book you’ve been wishing for is here! The Complete Guide to Strength Training Methods compiles more than 230 training techniques proven to increase
    • strength,
    • power,
    • hypertrophy,
    • endurance,
    • flexibility, and
    • cardiovascular capacity.
    Sport performance coach Keven Arseneault has spent over 20 years reading, researching, and testing various methods to determine the best training techniques. In The Complete Guide to Strength Training Methods, he assembles these into a comprehensive resource that allows you to add variety and get the most from your workouts.

    Each method is presented on a single page that highlights the technique’s advantages and disadvantages, effects on different aspects of fitness, and trainer tips. The page also has a prescription table that includes intensity or load, reps, and sets. This practical approach provides you with everything you need to incorporate the method into your program immediately.

    Throughout, you will find programming tips to help you create your own training plan to fit your individual needs. The eight sample programs provided can be followed as is or used as a blueprint for personalized programs.

    Whether you are a fitness enthusiast working out at home, a serious gym goer, an athlete, or a strength or fitness professional, The Complete Guide to Strength Training Methods is the comprehensive yet practical resource you need to keep your workouts fresh, challenging, and on point to reach your goals.


    Strength training and fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and the personal trainers, performance coaches, and other professionals working with those populations.
    Determining Needs
    Introductory Pages
    Training Technique Descriptions
    Photo Credits

    Chapter 1. Cardiovascular Training
    Chapter 2. Concentric Training: Maximum Strength
    Chapter 3. Concentric Training: Hypertrophy
    Chapter 4. Isometric Training
    Chapter 5. Eccentric Training
    Chapter 6. Power Training
    Chapter 7. Power Endurance Training
    Chapter 8. Endurance Training
    Chapter 9. Flexibility Training
    Chapter 10. Training Program Examples

    1. Determining Needs
    2. Sprinting Warm-Up
    3. Aerobic Treadmill Test
    4. MAP Training
    5. Predicted Absolute Maximum Based on Number of Repetitions
    6. Wilks Coefficient
    7. Prilepin Chart
    8. Dropset Cluster Chart
    9. Classification of Training Techniques Based on Experience
    10. Training Technique Template

    Techniques Index
    Recommended Resources
    About the Author
    Keven Arseneault, CSCS, is the owner of Keven Arseneault Kinesiologist in Montreal. He is a former co-owner of Maxi-Forme Fitness of Charny and worked at Hardgym Performance, a performance center located in the heart of Québec City, where he was responsible for the training or nutrition of top athletes, including football players (Canadian Football League), hockey players (National Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League), strongman athletes on the world circuit, and firefighters competing on the FireFit global circuit. He also specializes in coaching tactical and operational professionals, including firefighters, police officers, ambulance personnel, bodyguards, and military personnel.

    Arseneault has competed in five bodybuilding competitions (2004 to 2010) on the Québec and Canadian scene. During those years, he was able to experiment with different nutritional protocols and training to better understand the differences between theory and practice.

    He has a master of kinanthropology from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), a bachelor of kinesiology and nutrition from Laval University, and a postgraduate diploma in functional food and health from the same university. He also holds National Strength and Conditioning Association’s CSCS certification and has Level 1 certification in weightlifting from the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

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