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Sport Management Books

The world of Sport Management is dynamic and rapidly evolving. Stay on the cutting edge with the latest sport management books and updated editions in the industry. Find texts on sport marketing, esports, sport social media, and more.

Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation, Fourth Edition


Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation, Fourth Edition

by Packianathan Chelladurai, PhD, and Amy Chan Hyung Kim, PhD

Audience: A textbook for students in courses on human resource management in sport or recreation and sport administration. A supplemental text for courses covering legal issues in sport and sport facility management as well as a reference book for practitioners and researchers in these areas.

Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation, Fourth Edition, explains essential concepts in human resources specific to the sport and recreation industries. With a solid foundation in research and application in the modern era, it provides a holistic perspective of human resource management by examining the three groups of people who constitute human resources across recreation and sport organizations: paid professionals, volunteers, and the clients themselves.

The fourth edition addresses current topics such as social issues and diversity and reflects the increasing complexity of human resource management. Contemporary issues and their real-world implications are represented throughout the text with recurring sidebars:

  • Diversity Management of Human Resources: offer insights into how and when to promote and manage diversity
  • Crisis Management: address the role of human resource management during emergency situations
  • Social Phenomena and Human Resource Management: assess the impact of major social events
  • Legal Considerations in Human Resource Management: focus on legal matters in the field
  • From the Field: provide insights from leading practitioners across a variety of contexts

Case studies and discussion questions provide further opportunity to understand relevant research with real-world application of concepts. Clear explanations of concepts and current human resource practices across the sport and recreation industries make Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation, Fourth Edition, a valuable resource for future and current practitioners alike.

Ancillaries: Instructor guide • Test package • Presentation package

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Sports Broadcasting With HKPropel Access


Sports Broadcasting With HKPropel Access

by Kevin Hull, PhD

Audience: Undergraduate level textbook for courses on sports media or sports broadcasting.

Sports Broadcasting provides a comprehensive look at the field, with coverage of all aspects of the job that an entry-level sports broadcaster will need to know about.

Learn about modern topics that are critical in the business of sports broadcasting today. Understand the skills needed for success, including interviewing, writing for broadcast versus other channels such as web and mobile devices, shooting games or events, producing a sportscast, and editing video for broadcast. Explore career demands of both television and radio broadcasting, and then learn the steps involved in live sports production, including play-by-play for radio and television, color commentary, and sideline reporting. Take a look into best practices for using social media as a sports broadcaster. Prepare to pursue a career in sports broadcasting, with practical advice on preparing resumes, portfolios, and job searching. Finally, gain insights into the issues and ethics relevant to modern-day sports broadcasting.

Online learning aids delivered through HKPropel further the learning experience. These include video lessons, audio clips, and activities that can be assigned and tracked by instructors. Writing prompts and a video editing assignment provide the opportunity for hands-on experience.

Sports Broadcasting offers the knowledge and practical skills needed to become a well-rounded broadcaster in any segment of the field.

Ancillaries: Instructor guide • Instructors also receive access to all student materials in HKPropel.

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Applied Sport Business Analytics With HKPropel Access


Applied Sport Business Analytics With HKPropel Access

by Christopher Atwater, Robert E. Baker, and Ted Kwartler

Audience: Text for upper-level undergraduate courses in sport management and sport business; reference for academic libraries and researchers in sport management and sport business analytics.

Applied Sport Business Analytics provides a practical explanation of the use of data analytic metrics in sport, exploring selected techniques and tools as well as addressing the fundamental applications of analytics within modern sports organizations.

Readers will be introduced to the world of analytics and learn the social, economic, and business foundations. Different strategies used to make data-driven decisions demonstrate the importance of analytics in a modern sport context. The text explains terms and methods that are typical in sport analytics, bridging the gap between sport managers and sport analysts to help them understand the perceptions and needs of the other.

Heavily supported by video tutorials, practical exercises, and five accompanying datasets—delivered online through HKPropel—even readers without programming experience will learn how to program in RStudio and transform complex statistical data into easy-to-understand presentations, focusing first on quantitative statistical analysis and then on data visualization.

Case studies explore real-world managerial implications and applications of sport analytics as well as cutting-edge technologies and the analysis of large amounts of data.

Applied Sport Business Analytics will prepare aspiring sport managers, data analysts, and practitioners alike to translate metrics in a useful way that allows them to make data-informed decisions to achieve desired outcomes in their organizations.

Ancillaries: Instructor guide • Chapter quizzes • Instructors also receive access to all student materials in HKPropel.

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Athletic Director’s Desk Reference, Second Edition With HKPropel Access


Athletic Director’s Desk Reference, Second Edition With HKPropel Access

by Donna Lopiano, PhD, and Connee Zotos, PhD

Audience: A primary reference for intercollegiate athletic program administrators. Also a resource for administrators of high school athletic programs, courses in athletic administration, and libraries.

Athletic Director’s Desk Reference, Second Edition, is the most comprehensive resource available for collegiate and high school athletic administrators. Expert leadership advice and practical tools guide administrators in successfully navigating increasingly complex roles in athletic programs of any size.

The modern demands on athletic programs are reflected in this edition, with new content on Title IX compliance, student-athlete mental health, concussion protocols, athletes’ rights, Esports, and more. Throughout the book, management tips deliver professional advice and problem-solving strategies, while planning tools provide specific steps to take when developing strategic plans, action plans, professional development plans, and governance systems.

An extended table of contents allows athletic directors to quickly find relevant information, including the online materials: more than 300 online documents and tools, delivered through HKPropel, that can be downloaded and customized to suit the needs of any athletic program. Educational resources can be used as teaching and motivational tools, while evaluation instruments and risk assessments help assess job performance, identify risks, and prevent litigation. Policies and forms are easily modified, enabling athletic directors to produce effective policies and procedures while saving significant time.

Athletic Director’s Desk Reference turns theory into immediate practice, addressing the various policy, procedure, and system needs required to become an efficient and effective athletic director overseeing a successful athletic program.

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Contemporary Sport Management Seventh Edition With HKPropel Access


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Sales and Revenue Generation in Sport Business With HKPropel Access


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Contemporary Leadership in Sport Organizations, Second Edition With HKPropel Access


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The Sport Management Collection

In response to the changing shape of sport management education, Human Kinetics is pleased to offer the Sport Management Collection—a subscription package of ebooks designed to comprehensively cover the primary curriculum, meeting the needs of students in a variety of educational programs. These ebooks have been carefully selected to equip students for a future career in sport management, sport marketing, and sport business.

In addition to the ebooks, students will also gain access to all ancillaries and web study guides related to these texts. Instructors who adopt this collection will also be granted access to the relevant ancillaries.

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