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Rocket (and beetroot) science: dietary nitrate and exercise performance

Andrew Jones ©2016
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This webinar provided an insight into the effect of dietary nitrates on muscle efficiency and exercise performance. There is also emerging evidence to suggest that beetroot juice may reduce resting blood pressure, which has implications for cardiovascular health.

Since our discovery that beetroot juice has several important physiological effects, we've been interested in finding out in which populations and sporting events it may be most effective.

Learning Outcomes of the Webinar:

The aim of this webinar was to provide an insight into the influence of dietary nitrate on exercise performance and the potential for cardiovascular health benefits. It provides academics, students, health professionals and nutritionists with an understanding of the benefits of beetroot juice supplementation on endurance exercise performance.

This webinar allows attendees to:

  • Identify sources of dietary nitrate in our own diets (and shopping baskets)
  • Explain how dietary nitrate may influence exercise performance
  • Understand the effects of dietary nitrate according to exercise duration, intensity and mode
  • Recognize the potential beneficial effects of beetroot juice supplementation on cardiovascular function

Professor Andrew Jones is Associate Dean at the University of Exeter, and formerly Head of Sport and Health Sciences.

His work has focused on the role of dietary nitrate in enhancing nitric oxide production and in modulating blood pressure, blood flow, and muscle performance.

Additional projects examine on the effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on cardiovascular health, muscle energetics and exercise tolerance. The main research interests of his laboratory include endurance training, fatigue, efficiency, the physiological determinants of performance and the limitations to muscle oxygen uptake following the onset of exercise.