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Demonstrating Core Values and Clear Purpose in Coaching

Dr. Wade Gilbert ©2015
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The world’s most successful coaches have a clear sense of why they coach (purpose) and the principles that guide their everyday actions (core values). The purpose of this webinar is to share examples of how successful coaches identify, articulate, and use their purpose and core values to create a strong foundation for leadership.

Webinar outline

  • Finding your purpose as a coach (understanding why you coach and the type of lasting impact you want to make in the lives of those you coach)
  • Creating core values and a coaching philosophy that align with your purpose as a coach (staying true to who you are as a coach)
  • Core values and philosophies of successful coaches (specific examples from high school, college, professional and Olympic coaches across sports)
  • Educating your athletes and teams about core values and your coaching philosophy (strategies used by effective coaches for teaching athletes how to embrace core values and principles of a coaching philosophy)

Dr. Wade Gilbert’s areas of expertise include coaching science, talent development, sport and exercise psychology, physical education, and youth sport. He holds degrees in Physical Education, Human Kinetics, and Education from the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Gilbert has more than 20 years of experience in conducting applied research with partners around the world spanning all competitive levels, from youth leagues to World Cup.

He is widely published and is frequently invited to serve as a featured speaker at national and international events. Dr. Gilbert has advised organizations ranging from school districts, collegiate teams, Olympic organizations, and the United Nations on coaching education and sport-related issues.

Dr. Gilbert is editor-in-chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal, published by Human Kinetics. In addition, Dr. Gilbert serves as an advisor and representative of Human Kinetics, specifically in the area of coach education.