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Cultures and traditions from other countries can be incorporated in physical activity

This is an excerpt from International Games by Gayle Horowitz.

The Greek game of skyros is a fast-moving version of the American game of ultimate Frisbee that uses a ball in place of a disk. Skyros players use passing skills similar to basketball to move the ball down the field to score a goal. Scoring a goal in skyros is similar to scoring a touchdown in American football. Any player who catches the ball in the goal area scores a point for the team. The major difference is that once skyros players have possession of the ball, they can no longer run.

Equipment needed

  • Map showing Greece
  • Pinnies (vests worn to identify team members)
  • Playground ball, volleyball, or foam soccer ball
  • Gymnasium or outdoor playing field

How to Play

  1. Players divide into two teams of equal number.
  2. The playing area is marked with a midline and two end lines an equal distance away on either side. If players are using a gymnasium, the half-court line can serve as the midline, and the walls can serve as the boundaries. If players are outside, they may mark the field.
  3. Teams line up on opposite end lines.
  4. The ball is placed on the midline. When the whistle blows, players from both teams rush to get the ball.
  5. The object of the game is for a team to move the ball down the field and pass it to a teammate standing behind the opposite baseline. Players on the opposing team try to intercept the ball and score points by reaching the other baseline.
  6. Skyros is not a contact sport, so players may not touch each other to gain possession of the ball.
  7. Players may only pass and catch the ball. Players holding the ball cannot run. In order to continue to move the ball, they must pass it to another player. This passing technique is similar to basketball.
  8. The game never stops. After a team scores a goal, possession of the ball goes to the other team. Play continues until the designated end, which can be defined by either a set number of points or the end of a timed session.

This is an excerpt from International Games.

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