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Best continuing education to develop personal training skills

Personal trainer working with a client

Many certified personal trainers possess common characteristics that drove them to become a fitness professional in the first place—they are passionate about fitness, they are friendly and enjoy spending time with other people, and they are committed to helping others find and develop their best selves. But to stand apart from the pack and become an elite personal trainer, you need to continuously expand your fitness knowledge, keeping up with the latest trends, knowing how to work with special populations, and marketing your skills so you can grow your business and expand your clientele. Human Kinetics offers a solution for doing all that, while earning credit for continuing education at the same time! View our best continuing education for personal trainers, available with ebooks or print books, to earn your CECs or CEUs!

The Business of Personal Training 11 CE hours

How it helps: Gain a better understanding of the business side of personal training and learn the skills that will help you start, build, and grow your business. Whether you are a personal trainer working for a fitness facility, an independent contractor, or the owner of a personal training business, you will benefit from the practical guidelines, time-saving advice, and essential tools presented in this course.


Secrets of Successful Program Design Online CE Exam cover image
Secrets of Successful Program Design 9 CE hours

How it helps: Fitness and program design expert Alwyn Cosgrove and his director of programming, Craig Rasmussen, share Alwyn’s proven system for creating programs that take clients from where they are to where they want to be. Learn their reliable system-based approach to program design that will enable you to consistently deliver results to every client—regardless of demographic profile, ability, or goals.


Smarter Workouts Online CE Exam cover image
Smarter Workouts 8 CE hours

How it helps: For clients who can’t make it to the gym every day and have limited equipment at home, this course will show you how to offer them efficient and effective workouts that they can do anywhere with only one piece of equipment.


Ageless Intensity Online CE Exam
Ageless Intensity 10 CE hours

How it helps: High intensity training doesn’t only have to be for your younger clients. This course shows how high-intensity exercise can allow clients over 40 to keep pushing their limits while actually minimizing the physiological effects of aging.


Back Exercise 9 CE hours

How it helps: Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and that includes your clients. Learn how to understand the why behind spinal conditions and back pain. You'll also find features 60 exercises—complete with instructions and safety tips—that help stabilize, strengthen, and rehabilitate the spine.


The Language of Coaching 12 CE hours

How it helps: Communication and cueing can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to learn and perform a movement. Packed with stunning visuals, this course is filled with a comprehensive collection of cueing frameworks that guide you through the process of creating your own cues for any movement you want to teach.


Training and Conditioning Young Athletes, Second Edition 8 CE hours

How it helps: Special considerations must be made when training children to ensure their workouts do not hinder their development and growth. This course offers more than 200 resistance training and conditioning exercises for six stages of youth training that take into account critical factors such as a child’s developmental stage, motor functioning ability, and sex-specific considerations to ensure their training is safe and effective.


Functional Core for Women Online CE Exam 4 CE hours

How it helps: With an original and effective approach to training and reshaping the core muscles, 2022 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Kia Williams will prepare you to work with women of all fitness levels to establish goals, then develop a training program that helps strengthen and engage the abs and glutes to improve physique, function, and strength.


Prescriptive Stretching, Second Edition 5 CE hours

How it helps: Beyond the occasional soreness and discomfort that can come from working out, your clients may also be experiencing pain from everyday activities. This course presents stretches you can offer that will help ease common ailments including back pain, neck stiffness, headaches, and shoulder soreness.


Functional Training Anatomy 7 CE hours

How it helps: With exceptionally detailed, full-color illustrations showing the muscles used during various exercise, this course covers all aspects of how to form a purposeful, effective, and efficient program for clients that builds their strength, stability, and mobility for sport performance or daily living.