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Women's Tennis Tactics PDF

Women's Tennis Tactics PDF

$21.95 USD


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    Tennis participation in the United States rose 13.5% to 11 million people in 2005, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. With female participation increasing among the high school- and college-level ranks, Women’s Tennis Tactics arrives as the first book of its kind to focus solely on the women’s game. It addresses the differences between male and female playing styles and then shows how to capitalize on female players’ individual strengths with proven tactical solutions, drills, and coaching tips.

    This book is unique because it interprets the women’s game as it has been played by the most elite female competitors, both past and present. It illustrates the tactics employed by these athletes and provides 68 drills so that readers can learn to execute these strategies successfully in their own games. Quotes from top players and coaches show how the pros face specific challenges, providing tactical instruction in the context of actual match play.

    Women’s Tennis Tactics is written by Rob Antoun, an elite-level women’s tennis coach who is also one of a few select LTA-endorsed coach education tutors. Through this book, he shows readers how to play to their strengths with an arsenal of tactics for every game situation, in both singles and doubles play. This is the one resource female tennis players and their coaches need in order to excel in today’s increasingly aggressive game.
    Chapter 1. Tactical Serving
    Chapter 2. Tactical Returning
    Chapter 3. Playing From the Baseline
    Chapter 4. Approaching and Playing at the Net
    Chapter 5. Opposing the Net Player
    Chapter 6. Developing a Game Style
    Rob Antoun is manager of the women’s National Performance Squad and Junior Academy at Sutton Tennis Academy, an international training center located in London. In this role, he works with both players and their coaches on tennis tactics, technique, physical conditioning, mental skills, and tournament programming. A former ATP world-ranked tennis player, Antoun has coached 45 international senior and junior tennis players over a 16-year period, including two top-ranked senior British players, Lucy Ahl (2001) and Lizzie Jelfs (1996). From 1996 to 2001, he coached Hannah Collin, a British junior who reached a top 15 junior world ranking and played Federation Cup for Britain. Antoun also served as a national coach for the British Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) from 1994 to 2002, coaching five Federation Cup players and numerous British senior and junior national champions. Antoun is a PCA-qualified coach and is one of a select group of LTA-endorsed coach education tutors. He also holds a degree in psychology. Antoun resides in Kent, England, with his wife, Catherine, and son, Jake.
    "This is one of the best tennis books I have read. Tour-level expertise is clearly explained and logically presented. This book, with its on-court drills, is an asset to professional and club players alike."
    Alistair Higham
    LTA Coach Education Manager

    "In Women’s Tennis Tactics, Rob Antoun has applied his expertise of coaching and the women’s game to create a practical on-court approach ideal for developing today’s players. It's an outstanding publication.”
    Craig A. Morris
    Education and Well-Being Manager for Tennis Australia

    "A practical guide on building and strengthening your game, Women's Tennis Tactics is an essential read. Every female tennis player should have this book! ”
    Cara Black
    2007 Australian Open Doubles Champion

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