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Sport Promotion and Sales Management 2nd Edition PDF

Sport Promotion and Sales Management 2nd Edition PDF

$71.00 USD

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    Sport Promotion and Sales Management, Second Edition, is also available as an e-book. The e-book is available at a reduced price and allows students to highlight and take notes throughout the text. When purchased through the Human Kinetics site, access to the e-book is immediately granted when your order is received. As more sport management programs are incorporating sales into their curriculum, Sport Promotion and Sales Management, Second Edition, enters the field as a much-needed resource. With this text, students will prepare for careers in the industry, and professionals will learn best practices by discovering how to sell inventory ranging from tickets to sponsorship, prepare a sales force, retain and upsell existing products to customers, use sponsorships as a sales incentive, and service and activate sponsorships. In an effort to address emerging industry trends, this text is a thorough revision of the first edition. The second edition continues to offer full coverage of sport promotion and sales so that readers may see a complete view of the sport industry as a unique promotion and sales medium. In keeping pace with the changing times in the world of sport, this book features much new material:
    • Two new chapters (and three total) on sport sponsorship that greatly expand the discussion in that critical area, including how to negotiate, nurture, and activate sponsorships
    • A detailed exploration of a nine-step “eduselling” process, an emerging sales model created by author William A. Sutton that will help readers increase product utilization and satisfaction by teaching how to use tickets and sponsorships to achieve business objectives
    • Greater emphasis on the roles of sales and sponsorship as integral parts of developing a successful sport business
    • A radically updated technology chapter that places great emphasis on e-commerce and gives an overview of the rapid changes that technological innovations are bringing to the industry
    Authors Richard L. Irwin, Larry M. McCarthy, and Sutton bring extensive academic and professional experience to the book. They use numerous examples from their own experiences in consulting with teams, events, and organizations in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, PGA, and LPGA. They also bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing “Practitioner Perspectives” in each chapter. These perspectives help readers see how professionals have incorporated the techniques in the book. In addition, the authors offer real-life contemporary examples of sales and promotion management in practice, further illuminating successful practice for readers. Sport Promotion and Sales Management, Second Edition, presents a wide-ranging view of what it takes to be successful in the field. Moving from theoretical foundations of sport promotion and sales to fundamental roles of sport sponsorship, it examines incentives for sport consumers, licensing issues, sales management and servicing, and the role of technology in sport promotion and sales. It also explores sales training, the art of ticket sales, customer retention, branding, and risk management. Students in sport management courses and professionals in the sport industry will find Sport Promotion and Sales Management, Second Edition, brimming with fresh and innovative ideas and techniques in sales, promotion, and sponsorship. With its complete and current coverage of pertinent issues, this text is an invaluable resource for students and professionals alike as they prepare for or shape their careers in sport promotion and sales.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. Introduction to Sport Promotion and Sales
    Pregame Introductions
    Distinguishing Promotion From Marketing
    Integrated Promotional Agendas
    Planning and Managing the Campaign
    Rationale for the Study of Sport Promotion and Sales
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 2. Theoretical Foundations for Effective Sport Promotion and Sales
    Pregame Introductions
    Communications Defined
    The Receiver
    Integrated Marketing Communications Model
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 3. Incentivizing Sport Consumers
    Pregame Introductions
    Traditional Incentives: Price-Based or Sales Promotions
    Sport Consumer Behavioral Response Incentives
    Implementing the Incentive Plan
    Incentive Plan Checklist
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 4. Training the Sport Ticket Sales Staff
    Pregame Introductions
    What Every Prospective Salesperson Needs to Know
    Training and Orientation
    Building a Sales Culture
    Retaining and Motivating the Sales Staff
    Academic Preparation
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 5. Generating Ticket Sales in Sport
    Pregame Introductions
    Defining Sales
    The Sales Process
    Selling Products Unique to the Sport Industry
    Putting It All Together: The Ticket Sales Department
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 6. Sport Ticket Customer Service and Retention
    Pregame Introductions
    Defining Relationships
    Defining Customer Service
    What Customers Expect
    Post-Game Wrap-Up

    Chapter 7. Sport Sponsorship Fundamentals
    Pregame Introductions
    Sponsorship Defined
    Sport Sponsorship Platforms
    Sponsorship Management
    Setting and Prioritizing Sponsorship Objectives
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 8. Sport Sponsorship Sales
    Pregame Introductions
    Sport Sponsorship Sales Force Management
    Sales Process: Eduselling
    Step One: Identify the Prospect
    Step Two: Prepare “How-to” Guides
    Step Three: Partner With the Prospect
    Step Four: Schedule a Product Sampling Experience
    Step Five: Design Follow-Up Procedures
    Step Six: Make the Offer
    Step Seven: Close the Deal
    Step Eight: Complete Aftermarketing Sales and Follow-Up
    Step Nine: Complete an Evaluation and Provide Feedback
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 9. Sport Sponsorship Activation
    Pregame Introductions
    Sponsorship Activation
    Research and Evaluation
    Sponsorship Renewal
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 10. Promotional Merits of Sport Licensing
    Pregame Introductions
    Sport Licensing Marketplace
    Licensing as a Promotion and Profit-Generating Tool
    Promotion Through Licensing
    Promotion of the Licensing Program
    Licensed Property Protection
    Licensing Program Leadership
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 11. E-Commerce as a Promotional Tool in Sport
    Pregame Introductions
    The Internet and Sport Promotion
    Web Content
    Extending the Boundaries of the Stadium
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 12. Sport Brand Communications
    Pregame Introductions
    Importance of a Strategic Focus
    Modes of Brand Communication
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Chapter 13. Sport Promotion and Sales Risk Management
    Pregame Introductions
    Risk Management Cycle
    Legal Principles for the Sport Promotion Manager
    Case Studies
    Postgame Wrap-Up

    Appendix A. Redbirds FansFirst Plan 2001
    Appendix B. Memphis Redbirds Sponsor Survey
    About the Authors