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Social Sciences in Sport

Social Sciences in Sport

$99.00 USD


Product Format

    Social Sciences in Sport presents discipline-specific knowledge in the social sciences, which aids in understanding the problems and potential of contemporary sport practices and experiences. This interdisciplinary reference provides in-depth coverage of sport studies and 14 social sciences, drawing connections across these disciplines to illuminate key issues and illustrate possibilities for change.

    Written by leading figures in the social sciences, the book synthesizes theory and research in social science and sport into four distinct areas:

    • Identity, which discusses individual development and ethical considerations from history, philosophy, and psychology

    • Community, which considers anthropology, sociology, geography, and media studies when looking at sport in social groups

    • Capital, which draws research in status, wealth, power, and resources from economics, political science, and international relations

    • Governance, which discusses the enhancement of sport through law, social policy, management studies, and education

    Organized around these topics into four parts, this reference places sport in the broader social sciences, showing where researchers in kinesiology and other disciplines can augment their knowledge base. Noting the range of issues and concerns in today’s sport environment, readers will analyze the potential of a human development model in sport studies.

    Editor Joseph Maguire and an esteemed team of contributors present the evolution of sport in various social sciences. A stage-setting introduction explains the relevance of a social scientific perspective on sport and physical activity, and part introductions outline many relationships between the social sciences and sport. Chapters include a historical overview of the discipline or subject area, the core concepts and main theoretical perspectives in that area of expertise, critical findings, and the contemporary debates that characterize sport.

    Equipped with the social scientific knowledge and new perspectives from this essential collection, students and practitioners will be able to navigate classic and emerging issues in sport. Whether readers are social scientists considering sport as a subject of study or sport studies scholars attempting to make connections with the broader disciplines, Social Sciences in Sport promotes development of and through sport.


    Reference for libraries, students, and scholars in a variety of social sciences researching sport studies and social science in sport contexts. Also a text for upper-level undergraduate or graduate courses in sport studies, social theory and sport, and sport and the social sciences.

    Introduction: Making the Case for the Social Sciences of Sport, Exercise, and Health

    The Sport Ethic and the Natural Sciences

    Proposing a Human Development Model

    Part I. Identity: Definitions, Development, and the Individual

    Chapter 1. History of Sport

    Wray Vamplew, PhD

    Relationships With Other Disciplines

    Core Concepts

    Main Theoretical Perspectives

    Critical Findings

    Key Debates


    Chapter 2. Philosophy of Sport

    Sigmund Loland, PhD, and Michael McNamee, PhD

    Historical Overview of the Discipline

    Main Theoretical Perspectives

    Key Debates

    Future Directions


    Chapter 3. Psychology of Sport

    David Lavallee, PhD, John Kremer, PhD, and Aidan Moran, PhD

    Core Concepts

    Main Theoretical Perspectives

    Critical Findings

    Key Debates


    Part II. Community: Place, Space, Image, and the Social

    Chapter 4. Anthropology of Sport

    Alan Klein, PhD

    Foundations in Sociocultural Anthropology

    Post-1970: The Athletic El Dorado and the Anthropologists Who Seek Him

    Looking Outward


    Chapter 5. Sociology of Sport

    Joseph Maguire, PhD

    Historical Development and Core Concepts

    Main Theoretical Perspectives

    A Sociological Account of Sport: Critical Findings

    Future Directions and Key Debates


    Chapter 6. Geography of Sport

    Christopher Gaffney, PhD

    Historical Trajectory of the Geography of Sport

    Core Concepts

    Main Theoretical Perspectives

    Key Debates and Critical Findings

    Future Directions


    Chapter 7. Media Studies and Sport

    David Rowe, PhD

    Historical Connections and Questions in Media Studies

    Understanding Media: Core Concepts

    Media Powers and Routines: Main Theoretical Perspectives

    Critical Findings and Key Debates in Sport and Media

    Conclusion: Sport and Media Studies in Transition

    Part III. Capital: Wealth, Power, and Resources

    Chapter 8. Economics and Sport

    Stefan Szymanski, PhD

    Professional League Model: Theory and Policy

    Productivity Studies

    Economic Impact: Measurement, Theory, and Policy

    Sport, Physical Activity, and Well-Being

    Illustrations of Economic Issues


    Chapter 9. Political Science and Sport

    Jonathan Grix, PhD

    Core Concepts in Political Science

    Study of Sport and Politics

    Research Paradigms and Theoretical Perspectives in Political Science

    Applying Political Science and Sport: The Governance of Sport and the Politics of Mega-Events


    Chapter 10. International Relations and Sport

    Roger Levermore, PhD, and Aaron Beacom, PhD

    Core Concepts and Main Theoretical Perspectives

    Critical Findings and Key Debates


    Part IV. Governance: Regulation, Organization, and Implementation

    Chapter 11. Sport and the Law

    Deborah Healey, LLB, LLM (Hons)

    The Global Organization and Regulation of Sport

    Overview: The Place of Law in Sport

    Are the Courts Always Interested in Sport?


    Aspects of Industry Self-Regulation in Sport


    Chapter 12. Sport and Social Policy

    Ramón Spaaij, PhD

    Discipline of Social Policy: A Historical Overview

    Main Theoretical Perspectives

    Key Concepts

    Key Debates


    Chapter 13. Sport and Management Studies

    Lucie Thibault, PhD

    Sport as a Unique Industry

    Historical Overview

    Core Concepts

    Main Theoretical Perspectives

    Critical Findings

    Key Debates


    Chapter 14. Sport and Education

    Dawn Penney, PhD

    Core Concepts

    Theoretical Perspectives

    Critical Findings

    Key Debates


    Joseph Maguire, PhD, is a professor of sociology of sport in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. He is a past president of both the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) and International Sociological Association Research Committee 27 (Sociology of Sport). He is on the executive board of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education and has acted as an assessor for the Association of Commonwealth Universities Scholarship Scheme. He has served on scientific committees for the World Congress of Sociology and has presented papers at the American Sociological Association, British Sociological Association, and World Congresses in Sociology and the Sociology of Sport. He is a member of the ESRC Peer Review College. His recent publications include the single-authored text Reflections on Process Sociology and Sport: Walking the Line and the coedited texts Sport Across Asia: Politics, Cultures, and Identities and Sport and Migration: Borders, Boundaries and Crossings.