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Organizing Successful Tournaments 4th Edition PDF

Organizing Successful Tournaments 4th Edition PDF

$29.95 USD

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    If you have been looking for a comprehensive collection of schedules and brackets that can be easily tailored to your events, then look no further. Organizing Successful Tournaments is the definitive resource that will put an end to your search!

    Whether you are running a three-team league, a huge tournament, or anything in between, the most competitive and fair schedule or bracket is at your fingertips in this package. This book shows you how to access more than 2,600 web-based Microsoft Word templates as the framework for virtually any tournament. These templates are programmed to automatically create draw sheets in minutes for competitions based on your input of divisions, seeds, locations, dates, and times.

    The book explains every major type of competition:

    • Single elimination

    • Double elimination

    • Multilevel

    • Round-robin

    • Ladder

    • Pyramid

    • Level rotation

    You’ll also find information on assigning seeds, awarding byes, and establishing proper tiebreaking procedures. With Organizing Successful Tournaments, you will enjoy the organizing almost as much as the competition!

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Types and Selection of Tournaments and Leagues Understanding Tournaments and Leagues Selecting Tournament and League Types Establishing Seeds and Byes Using the Draw Sheets Assigning Game Numbers and Locations   Chapter 2 Single-Elimination Tournaments Advantages of a Single-Elimination Tournament Disadvantages of a Single-Elimination Tournament Draw Sheets Playing Schedules   Chapter 3 Multilevel Tournaments Advantages of a Multilevel Tournament Disadvantages of a Multilevel Tournament Draw Sheets Playing Schedules   Chapter 4 Double-Elimination Tournaments Advantages of a Double-Elimination Tournament Disadvantages of a Double-Elimination Tournament Draw Sheets Playing Schedules   Chapter 5 Round Robin Tournaments and Leagues Round Robin Double Split Round Robin Triple Split Round Robin Quadruple Split Round Robin Seeding for Divisions and Play-offs Round Robin: Splitting Into Three Divisions Round Robin: Splitting Into Four Divisions Advantages of a Round Robin Tournament Disadvantages of a Round Robin Tournament   Chapter 6 Extended Tournaments Ladder Tournaments Pyramid Tournaments Level-Rotation Tournaments Tournament Board Construction Advantages of an Extended Tournament Disadvantages of an Extended Tournament   Chapter 7 Creative Tournament Solutions Semi–Round Robin Tournaments League of Tournaments Round Robin Ladder Tournaments Very Large Tournaments Interleague Tournaments Golf or Card Tournaments   Chapter 8 Seeding and Byes Understanding Byes Assigning Seeds Seeding Entries Who Have Not Played Each Other   Chapter 9 Tiebreaking Procedures Tiebreaking Procedures for Games Tiebreaking Procedures for Tournaments   Chapter 10 Planning and Conducting Tournaments Planning Ahead Attending to Game-Day Duties Providing a Tournament Summary Assigning Committee Responsibilities Staging a Safe Tournament

    About the Author

    John Byl, PhD, is a professor of physical education at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, where he teaches courses such as Organization of Sport and Physical Education. He has directed high school and college intramurals for over 30 years and has coached a variety of sports at the community, high school, and college levels. Byl has edited, authored, and coauthored many books, including 101 Fun Warm-Up and Cool-Down Games, Intramural Recreation: Step-by-Step guide to Creating an Effective Program, and Co-Ed Recreational Games.

    Byl served as president of the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association (CIRA) of Ontario, SportHamilton, and the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association. In 2013, he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his significant contribution to making physical activity a priority in his community and in the country. Byl resides in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.