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Jump Rope Training 2nd Edition PDF

Jump Rope Training 2nd Edition PDF

$19.95 USD


Product Format

    The world’s best-selling jump rope training guide returns, and it’s bigger, better, and more complete than ever! In Jump Rope Training, Second Edition, former U.S. wrestling champion Buddy Lee presents his jump rope training system used by over 25 U.S. Olympic teams.

    Workouts for a variety of sport skill and fitness components are included, such as endurance, strength and power, speed, agility, and balance. This second edition also includes the latest on rehabilitation of sport injuries and optimizing body composition for athletic performance. And, to get you started immediately, Jump Rope Training presents sample sport-specific training programs for more than 40 sports.

    If you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level, turn to the system that the world’s top athletes have come to rely on. Jump Rope Training will not only change the way you train but also change how you feel, look, and perform. It’s the proven approach to improving fitness and performance.  


    Part I:  Jump Rope Training Progression


    Chapter 1:   Introducing the Buddy Lee System

    Chapter 2:   Get Ready to Jump

    Chapter 3:   Step 1: Base Phase—Master the Basic Techniques

    Chapter 4:   Step 2: Conditioning Phase—Develop Jump Skills and Endurance

    Chapter 5:   Step 3: Sports Training Phase—Add Anaerobic Intensity


    Part II: Jump Rope Training Programs


    Chapter 6:   Build Endurance

    Chapter 7:   Increase Speed and Quickness

    Chapter 8:   Gain Strength and Power

    Chapter 9:   Improve Agility, Rhythm, Balance, and Coordination

    Chapter 10: Condition for Specific Sports and Fitness Goals


    Part III:  Supplemental Uses for Jump Rope Training


    Chapter 11: Warm-Up, Cool-Down, and Active Rest

    Chapter 12: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

    Chapter 13: Weight Loss for Athletic Goals

    Buddy Lee is known as one of the world’s top experts in jump rope conditioning. He has earned a worldwide reputation with his incredible jump rope skills, putting on 6,000 shows in 50 countries and appearing in TV commercials and talk shows. He has also appeared on CNN Headline News and in Business Week and Parade magazines.

    Lee is the president and CEO of Jump Rope Tech Technology, Inc., the leading expert in the field of jump rope training for improved sport performance. He is the co-inventor and patent holder of Buddy Lee Speed Ropes, the ropes used by U.S. Olympic athletes.

    A retired U.S. Marine and U.S. Olympian in wrestling, Buddy now consults with strength and conditioning coaches worldwide as well as elite athletes from various disciplines. Many fitness organizations, such as CrossFit, TRX, KettleBell, HopSports, and MMA, have integrated Buddy Lee’s program into their systems. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

    To learn more about Buddy Lee and his training programs, visit

    “In Jump Rope Training, Buddy Lee will inspire you to incorporate ropes into your training program. You owe it to yourself to learn what Buddy teaches!”

    David Weck -- Inventor of the BOSU Balance Trainer

    “As a cross-training tool, Buddy Lee’s program is unsurpassed in developing foot speed, agility, acceleration, and explosive power. No matter what your sport, training with Buddy’s system will help you make dynamic strides toward reaching the next level in your preparation.”

    Dan Chandler -- Three-Time Olympic Wrestler, Two-Time Coach of U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team

    “Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training is more than an exercise program that helps increase speed, agility, strength, balance, power, and endurance. It is a comprehensive training system allowing athletes and fitness enthusiasts to take their workouts to the next level.”

    Maureen Hagan -- Physiotherapist, VP of Operations GoodLife Fitness, Director of Education Can-Fit-Pro

    “Buddy Lee has created an amazing jump rope system. I recommend Jump Rope Training to all my clients and patients.”

    Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM, MPH, CPT -- NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM Certified Exercise Specialist

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