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Hockey Tough 2nd Edition

Hockey Tough 2nd Edition

$21.95 USD


Product Format

    Hockey is a game of speed, agility, power, and skill. It’s also a game of intimidation, urgency, pressure, and isolation. The best players aren’t just physically gifted; they’re also mentally tough. They step on the ice with poise, tenacity, and focus. With Hockey Tough, so can you.

    Hockey Tough builds on the physical skills by strengthening the mental factors that apply directly to the game. You’ll learn how to control your emotions and maintain composure, stay focused in clutch situations, play aggressively—not carelessly—and improve the team’s performance game in and game out.

    Throughout, performance consultant Saul Miller presents the training techniques he has taught hockey players and teams for more than 40 years at every level from college to European leagues, from Olympics to NHL. With insights, anecdotes, and advice from elite players, such as Sidney Crosby, Daniel Sedin, Brendan Gallagher, Ryan Getzlaf, and Mark Messler, Hockey Tough is essential to becoming a complete player on and off the ice.


    This book is primarily aimed at hockey players and coaches from the high school to professional levels. A secondary audience is parents of players.

    Chapter 1 The Mental Game

    Chapter 2 Goal Setting

    Chapter 3 Power Thinking

    Chapter 4 Imagery

    Chapter 5 Emotional Control

    Chapter 6 Changing Channels

    Chapter 7 Commitment

    Chapter 8 Confidence

    Chapter 9 Identity

    Chapter 10 Achieving Success

    Chapter 11 Team First

    Chapter 12 Personality Differences

    Chapter 13 Game Readiness

    Chapter 14 Scoring

    Chapter 15 Defense

    Chapter 16 Checking Tough

    Chapter 17 Goaltending

    Chapter 18 Injury and Recovery

    Saul Miller, PhD, is a performance and sport specialist consulting in sport, business, health care, and the arts.

    With a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of London, Miller is one of North America’s leading mental coaches. His work in enhancing performance and team building has helped organizations, individuals, and teams be successful while dealing with pressure, stress, and change.

    Miller has been working as a sport psychologist for over three decades. He coached the mental game of hockey at every level of play, including youth and recreational leagues, junior and college hockey, top European leagues, and the National Hockey League. His clients extend beyond hockey to include players and teams in the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball plus Professional Golfers Association Tour players and national and Olympic athletes in more than 20 sports. Dr. Miller is the author of eight books, including the first edition of Hockey Tough: A Winning Mental Game, and is often invited to speak at hockey coaching clinics and conferences throughout North America and in Europe.

    Miller resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

    “Improving mental skills is often the best way to enhance on-ice performance. This book will show you how.”

    Barry Trotz-- Head Coach Washington Capitals

    “To perform at the highest level, it is imperative to sharpen your mental game. Hockey Tough is a must-read as you prepare to play with more focus and control.”

    Jim Nill-- General Manager Dallas Stars, Former NHL Player

    “The sharper the mental game, the better the play. Hockey Tough has a winning formula and lots of great advice for sharpening your mental game.”

    Scott Bradley-- Assistant General Manager Boston Bruins, Veteran NHL scout

    Hockey Tough describes an often-forgotten component of success in sports. The mental game is critical not only for preparing but also for building and sustaining maximum performance. The book is well written and very applicable.”

    Rick Carriere-- Head of Player Development Edmonton Oilers

    Hockey Tough helped our players with their mental approach to the game. Saul has done an unbelievable job highlighting how some elite players overcome those challenges. A terrific resource for any dedicated player.”

    Norm M. Bazin-- Head Coach University of Massachusetts at Lowell

    “Hockey Tough is a game-changing resource that walks coaches and players through a clear step-by-step approach to building a winning mental game.”

    Larry Huras-- Veteran European Hockey Coach

    Hockey Tough has clear advice and valuable daily exercises for players wanting to improve their mental game. It’s a great coaching aid to enhance focus, emotional control, and on-ice performance. Plus it has given me some great ideas for handling challenging situations.”

    Michael C. Schafer-- Head Coach Cornell University

    Hockey Tough will help you get your game and your life to the next level. This stuff works.”

    Cliff Ronning-- NHL Veteran and Hockey Dad

    “The Hockey Tough approach helped us win a championship. It generated the focus and emotion necessary for winning night after night. Saul’s brand of sport psychology really works. Reading the book can make you a better player or a better coach.”

    Lars Leuenberger-- Swiss Hockey Coach

    “Mind-set is a key aspect of hockey—and life. Dr. Miller’s Hockey Tough simplifies the process and techniques for developing the mind-set and the edge to become a better player and a better person.”

    Jason Lammers-- Head Coach and General Manager USHL Dubuque Fighting Saints

    “I worked with Saul for over 15 years as an NHL player and later as a coach. The work has been invaluable to me. He understands the game. In Hockey Tough he describes the mentality for excelling as a player or coach.”

    Rick Lanz-- Veteran NHL Player and Scout

    Hockey Tough can help any player maximize their true potential if they are willing to do the work. I believe winning as an individual or as a team is a choice. This book describes the focus, attitude, and mental preparation that will make it happen.”

    John Fust-- Swiss Hockey Coach

    “To accelerate your development in reaching your potential, you need mental skills. Hockey Tough gives you the tools to prepare, focus, and enjoy your journey towards excellence.”

    Ville Peltonen-- Veteran of NHL, Finnish, KHL, and Swiss Leagues, Current European Coach

    “Elevating your level of play is as much mental as it is physical. Hockey Tough does a great job addressing the mental processes involved in being a successful athlete.”

    Dallas Ferguson-- Head Coach University of Alaska at Fairbanks

    “Mental toughness is a highly desirable quality for dealing with physically hard, stressful competition. Reading Hockey Tough will help you to know what to do as well as when and how.”

    Ron Delorme-- Former NHL Player, NHL Senior Scout Vancouver Canucks

    “Dr. Miller has developed an excellent resource thanks to his years of experience dealing with hockey players and coaches. He has simplified the mental approach players need for performing well.”

    Marc Crawford-- Veteran NHL and Swiss Hockey Coach

    “Working with the Hockey Tough program will improve your preparation, focus, and emotional control and help you compete at the highest level.”

    Mark Holick-- Veteran WHL and AHL Head Coach

    “Everyone goes through ups and downs in their career. No player is born with confidence. It is a skill which needs to be worked on daily. Hockey Tough is a good guide to practice.”

    Jiri Fischer-- Director of Player Development Detroit Red Wings, Former NHL Player

    “Besides the obvious physical skills needed for hockey, successful players have the best mental skills. They need to manage the game’s many challenges on a shift-to-shift basis. Hockey Tough is loaded with exercises and advice to help you gain the mental skills so your physical skills have the proper impact on the game.”

    Kevin Constantine-- Veteran NHL, AHL, and WHL Coach