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Fundamentals of Sport Management PDF

Fundamentals of Sport Management PDF

$32.00 USD


Product Format

    Fundamentals of Sport Management presents foundational knowledge of sport management and what sport managers do to help readers prepare for advanced study or practice in the field. An excellent reference for students or professionals, Fundamentals of Sport Management offers insights into the exciting field, the impact of the sport industry, and the possibilities for employment in sport.

    Written by an author team with experience in both the academic world and sport industry, Fundamentals of Sport Management combines introductory concepts with practical information in sport management. The text begins with a discussion of the origins and development of the field, professional associations, essential components of professional preparation, and potential paths to employment. The various chapters in the text cover everything from managerial principles and sport policy to marketing, economics, and ethics in sport. By presenting an overview of the areas involved in sport management, the text allows readers to focus their efforts to prepare for further study, research, and career opportunities.

    Throughout the text, unique learning features keep readers engaged with the content and focused on key information:

    • Chapter objectives and opening scenarios introduce important concepts in each chapter.

    • Management Insights explain the background of relevant sport management issues.

    • Quick Facts highlight surprising facts about sport management.

    • International Application sidebars detail the global significance of and global applications for sport busines• Success •Story segments profile individuals working in sport management.

    • Quotes offer meaningful insights from experts in the field.

    • The Short of It sections present summaries at the end of each chapter.

    Appendixes include a list of online and print resources for further study as well as tips on applying the principles of sport management to various positions in the sport industry. These features and resources will help build enthusiasm among readers and open their eyes to the opportunities in the field.

    Concise, informative, and practical, Fundamentals of Sport Management addresses the academic foundations of the field for a broad audience while providing real-world examples of sport management. This resource is ideal for those engaging in the field of study for the first time (such as high school and undergraduate students) or those seeking an overview of the career options available in sport management (such as professionals exploring a career change). For practitioners, Fundamentals of Sport Management makes a quick reference for basic information on a range of areas in sport management.

    This text is part of Human Kinetics’ Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Science series. The series helps students and professionals understand the basic topics, goals, and applications of the many subdisciplines in kinesiology. This and other books in the series provide a solid grounding that readers can use as a jumping-off point for further study.

    Part I. Welcome to Sport Management

    Chapter 1. What Is Sport Management?

    Origins in Physical Education, Athletics, and Business

    Sport Management: 1900 to 1965

    Sport Management: 1966 to 1979

    Sport Management: 1980 to 1999

    Sport Management: 2000 and Beyond—Current Status

    Professional Preparation in Sport Management

    Professional Associations in Sport Management

    The Short of It

    Chapter 2. What Can I Do With Sport Management?

    Careers in Sport Management

    Paths to Employment

    Professional Preparation for a Sport Management Career

    Professional Development in Sport Management

    The Short of It

    Part II. Building Blocks of Sport Management

    Chapter 3. Sport Management Principles and Functions

    Organizations in Sport

    Management Functions

    Universality of Management

    Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities of Managers

    The Short of It

    Chapter 4. Leadership in Sport Organizations

    Leadership Versus Management

    The ABCs of Sport Leadership: Antecedents, Best Practices, and Consequences

    Antecedents of Leadership

    Sport Organizations as Systems

    Best Practices: The Art and Science of Leadership

    Consequences of Leadership

    The Short of It

    Chapter 5. Sport Policy and Governance

    What Is Good Governance?

    What Is Governance in Sport?

    Governance of High School Sport

    Governance of Collegiate Athletics

    Governance of Professional Sport

    The Short of It

    Chapter 6. Sport Venues, Event Management and Building Operations


    Event Management, Risk Management, and Crowd Control

    The Short of It

    Chapter 7. Sport Law

    The U.S. Legal System

    U.S. Tort Law

    U.S. Contract Law

    Title IX


    Intellectual Property

    Dispute Resolution—Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation

    The Short of It

    Chapter 8. Sport Marketing

    The Marketing Mix

    What’s Unique About Sport Marketing?

    Sport Marketing Plans

    The Short of It

    Chapter 9. Sport Media

    History of Media in Sport

    Traditional Media in the 21st Century

    New Media

    Ethics and Sport Media

    The Short of It

    Chapter 10. Sport Economics

    Macro- and Microeconomics

    The Economics of Sport Leagues

    The Economics of College Athletics

    Outside Influences That Affect Sport Economies

    The Short of It

    Chapter 11. Sport Finance

    Accounting 101

    Interscholastic Sport Finance

    Intercollegiate Sport Finance

    Finance in Professional Sport

    The Short of It

    Chapter 12. Ethics in Sport Management

    Theoretical Foundations

    Ethical Decision Making

    Ethical Challenges in Sport Management

    The Short of It

    Robert E. Baker, EdD, is an associate professor, the coordinator of sport management, and the founding director of the Center for Sport Management at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Baker has decades of experience working in the sport industry and more than 13 years in higher education. Baker, along with coauthor Craig Esherick and Dr. Pamela Hudson Baker, works in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State on the implementation of projects using sport for development, peace, and diplomatic purposes.

    In 2011 Baker received the Outstanding Achievement in Sport Management Award from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). In 2010 he was the recipient of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) Distinguished Sport Management Educator Award. Baker served on the inaugural board of the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) and on several editorial boards. He has also served as president of NASSM.

    Baker is a sports enthusiast who also enjoys travel and classic cars. He and his wife, Pamela, reside in Haymarket, Virginia.

    Craig Esherick, JD, is an assistant professor of sport management and associate director of the Center for Sport Management at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Esherick has a varied background in the sport industry, having spent 25 years coaching basketball at various levels, including serving as a high school assistant coach, an assistant coach for the 1988 Olympic team, and the head coach at Georgetown University. He also has worked as a television sports commentator and has taught in the field of sport management since 2005.

    Fundamentals of Sport Management is Esherick’s second book. He is a member of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), the National Association of Basketball Coaches, and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Esherick earned a bachelor’s degree in finance in 1978 and a degree in law in 1982 from Georgetown University.

    He lives with his wife, Theo Stamos, and two sons, Nicko and Zachary, in Arlington, Virginia. In his free time he enjoys playing golf, gardening, and reading.

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