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Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation

Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation

$29.00 USD


Product Format

    In Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation you’ll learn how to make your dog park a reality from concept to opening celebration and beyond. Find step-by-step guidance plus information on location considerations, community benefits, maintenance concerns, design options, amenities, suggested rules, and even program opportunities. More than 90 photos from dog parks across the United States illustrate the various equipment, features, and programming that make dog parks an asset in any community.

    Author Marilyn R. Glasser, an experienced dog park consultant, shares her insight into some of the challenges and resistance you might encounter in developing a dog park—and their possible solutions. Her often humorous experiences illustrate the importance of following best practices when developing your community dog park.

    As a source of proven processes, Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation offers guidance on creating a facility as well as information on management, maintenance, marketing, and evaluation. With photos and insightful stories of the author’s experiences, Dog Park Design, Development, and Operation can help you create a professional-quality community facility filled with smiling faces and wagging tails.


    Resource for park, recreation, and leisure professionals or anyone charged with planning a dog park. Reference for professors of park, recreation, and leisure studies for use in courses on facility management or programming.

    Chapter 1. Why Build a Dog Park?

    Our dogs are so important to us. Dog parks provide a unique opportunity for a community’s many dog owners to recreate in a safe, enjoyable outdoor environment with their friends—both canine and human!

    Chapter 2. Making the Case

    No matter how excited you are about a dog park, you can be sure that some people will not share the enthusiasm. With patience and positive education, you can address concerns and highlight the advantages of the planned park!

    Chapter 3. Planning

    Let’s get the dog park started! You’ll need to garner support, select a site, and much more.

    Chapter 4. Components

    How does a space become a dog park? Find out which components you need to build your dog park right!

    Chapter 5. Landscaping and Maintenance

    Little effort is needed to keep the dog park in good shape. Find out how to maximize your park’s aesthetics and appeal, making it attractively user friendly for all!

    Chapter 6. Dog Park Rules and Etiquette

    Your dog park will bring together all kinds of people and dogs in one place! Learn how to establish rules and guidelines that will bring out the best behavior in everyone.

    Chapter 7. The Grand Opening

    A grand dog park deserves a grand opening! Find out how to celebrate your new park’s introduction in style.

    Chapter 8. Evaluation: Concerns, Problems, and Solutions for Success

    The new dog park is up and running! How’s it going? Ongoing evaluation is an important part of ensuring the dog park remains valuable to the community.

    Chapter 9. Marketing and Programming

    Don’t let your dog park be your community’s best-kept secret! Find out how to keep interest alive and growing!

    Marilynn R. Glasser, EdD, CPRP, CPSI, is an adjunct assistant professor at Herbert H. Lehman College in Bronx, New York, and has more than 30 years of experience teaching recreation, parks, and leisure services courses. She received her master’s degree in community and outdoor recreation from Springfield College and her doctorate in recreation services and resource management from New York University. Dr. Glasser is a certified park and recreation professional, playground safety inspector, and early childhood outdoor play inspector. She earned the New York State public school teacher permanent certification.

    She is a longtime member of the National Recreation and Park Association, the New York State Recreation and Park Society, and the Westchester Recreation and Park Society; she has earned numerous professional awards and certificates from these organizations. Dr. Glasser worked in municipal recreation and parks administration from 1977 to 2005.

    Dr. Glasser is the president of Parks and Pastimes, Inc., a recreation, park, and leisure services consulting firm specializing in dog parks, playground safety and education, and training. She has been a speaker on a variety of professional topics at local, state, and national association conferences and has authored numerous articles for professional publications. Dr. Glasser conducts playground safety supervision training programs for elementary schools, child care providers, and parks and recreation departments. She also conducts high-frequency playground inspection training programs for parks and recreation departments.

    In her free time, Dr. Glasser likes to play golf, fish, collect antiques, play guitar, and reminisce about the 1950s. She loves animals (particularly dogs and cats), nature, classic automobiles, art deco, and outdoor events such as flea markets, art shows, and concerts.

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    Bob Cunningham
    How do I "review" a title?

    Book is not as design-focused as I had hoped