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Human Kinetics is the premiere information provider in sports medicine, athletic training, and exercise science. Our connection to sport medicine students, educators, scientists, researchers, and health professionals inspires our passion and allows us to develop cutting-edge resources.

An interactive learning guide that mimics the scope of the BOC exam

Athletic Trainers' BOC Exam Prep, Second Edition Online Course, prepares students and other candidates for the Board of Certification (BOC) exam to become certified athletic trainers. Based on information outlined in the most recent edition of the BOC's Practice Analysis (eighth edition), this prep course provides hundreds of online practice questions that mirror the question difficulty and range of subjects found on the test, as well as references, study resources, and detailed information on the format and content of the exam. It covers each of the five subject-matter domains and offers two full-length timed practice exams that provide immediate feedback. Instructors who adopt the course are supported with tips for incorporating it into a classroom setting.

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Athletic Training Favorites

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Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injuries, Fifth Edition

Appreciate total patient care in rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries

Orthopedic Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

Clinical applications for more than 200 joint mobilization and manipulation techniques

Clinical Guide to Positional Release Therapy

Acquire evidence-based treatment techniques for positional release therapy

Sport Injury Prevention Anatomy

Reduce the risk of sport injuries before they occur

Clinical Pharmacology in Athletic Training

Understand common drug therapies used in physically active populations

Sports Massage for Injury Care

Use manual therapy to get athletes back in the game quickly and safely

Complete Guide to Foam Rolling

Allow your muscles to work more efficiently and recover more quickly

High-Performance Training for Sports, Second Edition

Develop the complete athlete with a total-training guide

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