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Legacy system for student and instructor materials

ABLE Bodies Balance Training | Student resource

ACSM's Body Composition Assessment | Student resource

Acute and Emergency Care in Athletic Training | Student resource

Adapted Physical Education and Sport* | Instructor ancillaries

Adapted Physical Education National Standards | Student resource

Administration of Intercollegiate Athletics | Instructor ancillaries

Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription | Student resource

Advanced Sports Nutrition | Student resource

Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics in Sport | Instructor ancillaries

Applied Health Fitness Psychology* | Instructor ancillaries

Applied Research and Evaluation Methods in Recreation | Student resource

Applied Sport Management Skills* | Instructor ancillaries

Applied Sport Mechanics | Student resource

Assessment-Driven Instruction in Physical Education | Student resource

Athletic Director's Desk Reference* | Instructor ancillaries

Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury* | Instructor ancillaries

Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise | Student resource

Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement | Instructor ancillaries

Brockport Physical Fitness Test Manual | Student resource

Building Character, Community, and a Growth Mindset in Physical Education | Student resource

Case Studies in Sport Law* | Instructor ancillaries

Christian Paths to Health and Wellness | Student resource

Client-Centered Exercise Prescription | Student resource

Clinical Exercise Physiology* | Instructor ancillaries

Clinical Guide to Positional Release Therapy | Student resource

Coach Education Essentials* | Instructor ancillaries

Coaching Principles | Instructor ancillaries

Complete Conditioning for Volleyball | Student resource

Complete Guide to Primary Dance | Student resource

Complete Guide to Sport Education | Student resource

Conditioning for Dance | Student resource

Contemporary Leadership in Sport Organizations* | Instructor ancillaries

Contemporary Sport Management* | Instructor ancillaries

Core Concepts in Athletic Training and Therapy | Student resource

Creative Dance for All Ages | Student resource

Cultural Competence in Sports Medicine | Instructor ancillaries

Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology | Student resource

Dance Composition | Student resource

Dance Composition Basics | Student resource

Dance Psychology for Artistic and Performance Excellence | Student resource

Dancer Wellness | Student resource

Designing Resistance Training Programs | Instructor ancillaries

Developmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment | Student resource

Developmental Physical Education for All Children | Student resource

Dimensions of Leisure for Life* | Instructor ancillaries

Eat Well & Keep Moving | Student resource

Essentials of Eccentric Training | Student resource

Effective Functional Progressions in Sport Rehabilitation | Student resource

Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming | Student resource

Effective Physical Education Content and Instruction | Student resource

Everyone Can! | Student resource

Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries | Student resource

Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults* | Instructor ancillaries

Exercise Psychology | Instructor ancillaries

Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training* | Instructor ancillaries

Fallproof! | Student resource

Fit for Duty | Student resource

Fitness and Wellness in Canada | Student resource

Fitness: Steps to Success | Instructor ancillaries

FitnessGram Administration Manual | Student resource

Foundations of Professional Personal Training | Student resource

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology* | Student resource

Foundations of Wellness | Instructor ancillaries

Fundamentals of Athletic Training | Student resource

Governance in Sport | Student resource

Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Programs | Student resource

Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs | Student resource

Guidelines for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs | Student resource

Health Opportunities Through Physical Education | Student resource

Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers* | Instructor ancillaries

Heart Education | Student resource

History of Dance | Student resource

Inclusive Physical Activity | Instructor ancillaries

Instructing Hatha Yoga | Student resource

Integrated Risk Management for Leisure Services | Instructor ancillaries

Interprofessional Education and Collaboration* | Instructor ancillaries

Introduction to Athletic Training | Instructor ancillaries

Introduction to Kinesiology* | Instructor ancillaries

Kinetic Anatomy* | Instructor ancillaries

Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology* | Instructor ancillaries

Leisure and Aging: Theory and Practice | Instructor ancillaries

Leisure Program Planning and Delivery | Instructor ancillaries

Leisure Services Financial Management | Student resource

Leisure Services Management | Student resource

Lesson Planning for Elementary Physical Education | Student resource

Lesson Planning for High School Physical Education | Student resource

Lesson Planning for Middle School Physical Education | Student resource

Lesson Planning for Skills-Based Elementary Health Education | Student resource

Lesson Planning for Skills-Based Health Education | Student resource

Low Back Disorders | Student resource

Managing Sport Events | Student resource

Managing Sport Facilities | Student resource

Massage Therapy | Instructor ancillaries

Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance | Instructor ancillaries

Measurement in Sport and Exercise Psychology | Student resource

Meeting Physical Education Standards Through Meaningful Assessment | Student resource

Methods of Group Exercise Instruction | Student resource

Motor Control and Learning | Student resource

Motor Learning and Development* | Instructor ancillaries

Motor Learning and Performance | Student resource

Music Fundamentals for Dance | Student resource

Neuromechanics of Human Movement* | Instructor ancillaries

NPTI's Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Training | Instructor ancillaries

NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training* | Instructor ancillaries

Organizing Successful Tournaments | Student resource

Orthopedic Clinical Examination | Student resource

Orthopedic Joint Mobilization and Manipulation | Student resource

Perceptual-Motor Activities for Children | Student resource

Performance-Based Assessment for Middle and High School Physical Education | Student resource

Physical Activity Epidemiology* | Instructor ancillaries

Physical and Health Education in Canada | Student resource

Physical Best | Student resource

Physiological Aspects of Sport Training and Performance | Student resource

Physiology of Sport and Exercise* | Instructor ancillaries

Pilates for Hip and Knee Syndromes and Arthroplasties | Student resource

Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings | Student resource

Practical Pharmacology in Rehabilitation | Student resource

Principles of Sustainable Living | Student resource

Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools | Student resource

Qualitative Diagnosis of Human Movement | Student resource

Research Methods and Design in Sport Management | Student resource

Research Methods in Physical Activity* | Instructor ancillaries

Rifle: Steps to Success | Instructor ancillaries

Running Mechanics And Gait Analysis | Student resource

Schoolwide Physical Activity | Instructor ancillaries

Soccer: Steps to Success | Instructor ancillaries

Social Issues in Sport* | Instructor ancillaries

Sport Finance | Student resource

Sport First Aid | Instructor ancillaries

Sport Marketing* | Instructor ancillaries

Sport Nutrition for Health and Performance | Instructor ancillaries

Sport Public Relations* | Instructor ancillaries

Sport Therapy for the Shoulder | Student resource

Statistics in Kinesiology | Student resource

Strategies for Inclusion | Student resource

Studying Dance | Student resource

Successful Coaching | Instructor ancillaries

Teaching Children and Adolescents Physical Education | Student resource

Teaching Fundamental Motor Skills* | Instructor ancillaries

Team Building Through Physical Challenges | Student resource

Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches | Student resource

The Athlete's Guide to Making Weight | Instructor ancillaries

The Business of Personal Training | Student resource

The Essentials of Teaching Health Education* | Instructor ancillaries

The Essentials of Teaching Physical Education* | Instructor ancillaries

The Healthy Eating and Active Time Club Curriculum | Student resource

The Park and Recreation Professionals Handbook | Student resource

Therapeutic Exercise for Musculoskeletal Injuries* | Instructor ancillaries

Therapeutic Modalities for Musculoskeletal Injuries | Student resource

Therapeutic Recreation Leadership and Programming | Instructor ancillaries

Understanding Sports Massage | Instructor ancillaries

Universal Design for Learning in Physical Education | Student resource

Weight Training: Steps to Success* | Student ancillaries

Worksite Health Promotion | Instructor ancillaries

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