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Table of Contents



Unit I. Building a Foundation

Chapter 1. Fitness, Health, and Wellness for All
Chapter 2. Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle and Self-Management Skills
Chapter 3. Goal Setting and Program Planning

Unit II. Becoming and Staying Physically Active

Chapter 4. Getting Started in Physical Activity
Chapter 5. How Much Is Enough?
Chapter 6. Skill Learning and Injury Prevention

Unit III. Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity

Chapter 7. Moderate Physical Activity
Chapter 8. Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Chapter 9. Vigorous Physical Activity

Unit IV. Muscle Fitness and Flexibility

Chapter 10. Muscle Fitness Basics
Chapter 11. Muscle Fitness Applications
Chapter 12. Flexibility

Unit V. Healthy Choices

Chapter 13. Body Composition
Chapter 14. Physical Activity Program Planning
Chapter 15. Making Good Consumer Choices

Unit VI. Moving Through Life

Chapter 16. Strategies for Active Living
Chapter 17. The Science of Active Living
Chapter 18. Lifelong Activity


Unit VII. Understanding Health and Wellness

Chapter 19. Introduction to Health and Wellness
Chapter 20. Health Behavior Change and Personal Health
Chapter 21. Choosing Healthy Lifestyles

Unit VIII. Preventing Disease and Seeking Care

Chapter 22. Understanding Your Body
Chapter 23. Diseases and Disability
Chapter 24. Emotional Health and Wellness

Unit IX. Embracing Priority Lifestyles

Chapter 25. Nutrition: Foundations for Healthy Eating
Chapter 26. Nutrition: Energy Balance and Consumer Nutrition
Chapter 27. Stress Management

Unit X. Building Relationships and Lifelong Health

Chapter 28. Health Care Consumerism
Chapter 29. Family Living and Healthy Relationships
Chapter 30. Health and Wellness Throughout Life

Unit XI. Avoiding Destructive Habits

Chapter 31. Tobacco
Chapter 32. Alcohol
Chapter 33. Drugs and Medicine

Unit XII. Creating Healthy and Safe Communities

Chapter 34. Safety and First Aid
Chapter 35. A Healthy Environment
Chapter 36. Community and Public Health

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTAL CHAPTER available only through the Teacher Web Resource:

Reproductive and Sexual Health