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Top titles for athletic directors and sport administrators

Sport administrators and athletic directors looking to implement new business initiatives, strategies, and protocols or improve your skills as leader, communicator, and manager of your sport programs, our best-selling sport administration books can enhance your operations and take your sport programs to a higher level.  


NIAAA's Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration
NIAAA’s Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration was developed under the direction of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA), the trusted authority for excellence in administration of high school sports. This guidebook features the best practices in high school athletic administration to assist both aspiring and practicing athletic directors in meeting the demands of the job. General guidelines and background knowledge are complemented by specific strategies and techniques. Each chapter offers examples of how to solve common problems, and sidebars highlight creative solutions employed by exemplary high school athletic directors. 





Athletic Director's Desk Reference, Second Edition
With more than 75 years of combined experience as athletic program administrators, coaches, and consultants, the authors deliver professional insights for athletic directors of all levels. The modern demands on athletic programs and evolving safety and culture issues are reflected in this updated edition, with new content on Title IX compliance, social media communications, planning tools for budgets, cost-saving strategies, revenue generating opportunities, student-athlete mental health, concussion protocols, athletes’ rights, Esports, and more.

Offering a solid foundation of information every athletic director needs to know, plus clear advice on day-to-day operations, this essential resource can be used as an immediate practical guide through the real-world issues typically encountered by every athletic director.   



Administration of Intercollegiate Athletics
This textbook takes a unique approach in the domain of sport education. Contributors to the text, chosen for their widely acknowledged expertise in collegiate athletics administration, provide students with access to ideas from top researchers in the field to incorporate into their evolving professional philosophy. The text offers practical considerations and applications for financial operations and budgeting; marketing, promotion, sponsorships, and public relations; safety and risk assessment; and ticketing, licensing, and alumni relations.





Best Practice for Youth Sport
Best Practice for Youth Sport provides readers with knowledge of sport science concerning youth sport and engages them through the use of anecdotes, activities, case studies, and practical strategies. Armed with the knowledge from this text, students, coaches, parents, administrators, and others will be able to become active agents of social change in structuring and enhancing youth sport programs to meet the unique developmental needs of children, making the programs athlete centered rather than adult centered so that they truly are all about the kids.





Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Sport
With a diverse team of contributors representing a variety of unique perspectives, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Sport addresses the key areas and challenges surrounding DEI in the sport industry and examines the role of sport in effecting social change. With practical application skills on incorporating knowledge into decision-making, current and future professionals alike will be prepared to lead sport businesses as diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments.






Security and Risk Assessment for Facility and Event Managers
Security and Risk Assessment for Facility and Event Managers provides security frameworks that apply to all types of facilities and events. Readers will be walked through a risk assessment framework that will help them plan for threats, develop countermeasures and response strategies, and implement training programs to prepare staff in case of an unfortunate occurrence.







Organizing Successful Tournaments, Second Edition
This book shows you how to access more than 2,600 web-based Microsoft Word templates as the framework for virtually any tournament, including single-elimination, double elimination, round robin, and many more. These templates are programmed to automatically create draw sheets in minutes for competitions based on your input of divisions, seeds, locations, dates, and times. With Organizing Successful Tournaments, you will enjoy the organizing almost as much as the competition!