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Six beginning dance books with video instruction

The Beginning Dance series is the perfect resource for helping high school and college students gain strong foundations in their favorite dance genre.

Master basic jazz dance techniques

Beginning Jazz Dance provides students with the context and the basic instruction they need to learn beginning jazz dance techniques and become more knowledgeable dancers. Accompanying online resources include 55 photos and 125 video clips showing basic jazz dance technique.


Practice ballet positions, steps, and technique with more than 70 instructional video clips

Beginning Ballet introduces students to ballet detailing etiquette, class expectations, health, and injury prevention and exploring ballet's history, major artists, styles, and aesthetics. Accompanying video clips help students learn and practice beginning ballet.


Learn basic tap dance techniques with step-by-step cues

Beginning Tap Dance introduces tap dance techniques and cultivates an appreciation of tap dance as a performing art. It details etiquette, class expectations, health, and injury prevention for dancers, as well as history, styles, and aesthetics. Seventy video clips demonstrate tap steps.


Learn beginning modern dance technique

Beginning Modern Dance introduces modern dance as a performing art through participation, appreciation, and academic study. Students can practice beginning modern dance technique using the book's 50 photos with descriptions and 38 accompanying video clips.


Learn what it takes to be a dancer on the musical theatre stage

Beginning Musical Theatre Dance introduces students to dance techniques, steps, and practices to prepare them for a future of on-stage dance performances. Students can practice and review musical theatre dance forms, techniques, and adaptations using the accompanying 60 instructional video clips.


Learn, appreciate, and experience hip-hop dance as an art form

Beginning Hip-Hop Dance provides dance students and general education students a strong foundation in the fundamentals of hip-hop—its techniques, styles, aesthetics, history, significant works, and artists. The text is accompanied by 55 video clips to aid in practicing techniques.