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Six best books for runners

Whether you're a fitness runner looking to conquer hills with more speed or strength or a competitive runner looking for that extra performance edge, our best-selling running books can take your training and performance to a new level.

Daniels' Running Formula 4E

Jack Daniels has been referred to as “the world's best running coach,” and in the fourth edition of Daniels' Running Formula the elite distance coach offers his secrets to success. Get proven running programs for events from 800 meters to marathons. The chapters on altitude training, the VDOT system, seasonal planning, and the 31 training plans and workouts will help you run faster and longer. Train to achieve the results you seek every time you lace up.

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The Happy Runner

The Happy Runner breaks down the science of performance psychology, introduces training principles, and provides real-world success stories so readers can apply Some Work, All Play (SWAP) principles into their daily routines. Based on personal experiences and professional coaching expertise, authors David and Megan Roche explain how you can reach your running potential. Learn how to run fast, run long, and avoid setbacks from injury with proven training methods. Embrace the importance of self-belief and positivity to achieve your goals.

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Coach Mark Coogan has produced numerous Olympic and champion runners. In Personal Best Running, he shares his successful formula for running fast—while staying healthy and happy—without running taking over your life. He will show you the physical and psychological strategies needed to build an aerobic base, balance hard work and recovery, achieve good running form, and turn adversity into an advantage. Get training schedules for everything from the mile to the marathon, 30 videos showcasing strengthening and warm-up exercises, and running drills to make you a stronger runner. Coogan also shares his own experiences as a runner and coach and includes profiles of accomplished athletes, who explain how Coogan’s methods helped them reach their running potential.

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Run Healthy

Millions of runners get sidelined every year with injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, hamstring tendinitis and tendinopathy, and IT band syndrome. With Run Healthy: The Runner's Guide to Injury Prevention and Treatment, you don’t have to be one of them!

Written by a physical therapist and an exercise physiologist who is also a running coach, this book offers exceptional expertise: not only how to strengthen the body to help avoid injury before it happens, but also what to do if you do get injured. You’ll learn what’s OK to try yourself, when you need to consult with a professional, and what to expect in terms of recovery.

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Becoming a Sustainable Runner merges your love to run with your passion for your health, your community, and the environment. Discover tools to find excitement and joy in your runs and sustain your running for the long term. Learn about the importance of joining or forming a running community that gives back in meaningful and impactful ways. Then, tap into your passion to explore ways to sustain our planet. As a runner, you have the power to change the world for the better. Becoming a Sustainable Runner provides actionable steps to help you do just that.

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Breakthrough Women's Running

If you're a woman runner with big goals and are looking for the right plan to achieve them, Breakthrough Women's Running was written just for you. Told with engaging storytelling and packed with colorful images and practical recommendations, strategies, and insights to improve your running, this book offers 5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon, and run-walk training plans to suit your current distance or pacing goals.

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