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Tennis 4th Edition PDF

Tennis 4th Edition PDF

Steps to Success

$19.95 USD


Product Format

    Master the essential skills, take the court with confidence, and ace the competition! Tennis: Steps to Success provides in-depth, progressive instruction and accompanying full-color photos for each stroke. From forehand to backhand, serve to volley, this popular guide has you covered.

    Practice and improve those techniques with more than 80 drills that feature a unique scoring system to gauge and accelerate your progress.

    After mastering the skills, add tactical knowledge to make the right shots in match situations and achieve on-the-court success. You’ll learn how to neutralize your opponent’s strengths, recognize weaknesses, force errors, and capitalize on every opportunity. Whether playing singles or doubles, you’ll have the skills, strategies, and confidence to ace the competition.

    Become the player you always wanted to be. As part of the popular Steps to Success Series, which has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, Tennis: Steps to Success will take your performance to new heights in all facets of the game.

    Step 1 Forehands: Controlling the Rally

    Step 2 Backhands: Developing a Weapon

    Step 3 Serves: Taking the Offensive

    Step 4 Volleys: Forcing the Action

    Step 5 Half Volleys: Getting Out of Trouble

    Step 6 Lobs: Changing the Pace

    Step 7 Overhead Smashes: Hitting the Put-Away

    Step 8 Drop Shots: Disguising Your Intentions

    Step 9 Singles Tactics: Playing Your Game

    Step 10 Doubles Tactics: Playing as a Team

    Step 11 Special Situations: Managing the Match

    Jim Brown, PhD, has taught, coached, played, and written about tennis for over 40 years. He is the executive editor of the Steadman Philippon Research Institute News and a regular contributor to health publications of the Cleveland Clinic, Duke School of Medicine, and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He has served as the editor of Tennis Industry magazine, Tennis Clinic, Georgia Tech Sports Medicine & Performance Newsletter, and Sports Performance Journal.

    Dr. Brown has written, coauthored, or edited 14 books and hundreds of articles on sports, sports medicine, health, and education. He has been published extensively online, having written columns for CBS, USTA-Southern Section,, and WebMD. His work has appeared in such notable printed publications as Sports Illustrated for Women, Washington Post, Better Homes and Gardens, Raising Teens, and New York Post.

    During Dr. Brown’s teaching career, he served as a clinician for the United States Tennis Association; the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

    He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Camille Soulier is a physical education instructor at Pearl River Community College and director of junior and adult tennis programs at the Kamper Tennis Complex in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She has collaborated with Jim Brown on a variety of teaching, coaching, and writing projects and enjoyed a successful playing career at both the collegiate and USTA sectional and national levels.

    She currently holds numerous positions in the United States Tennis Association. Most recently, she served as the head coach for the PRCC men’s and women’s tennis team, where she was named the Region 23 Coach of the Year in 2000.

    Camille lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

    "By breaking down every aspect of the game, Jim Brown and Camille Soulier help players at all levels master the sport and elevate their game."

    Danielle Steinberg-- Head Women's Tennis Coach McNeese State University

    Tennis: Steps to Success provides comprehensive instruction for players of all levels. The coverage is essential for competitive tennis players.”

    Bill Ozaki-- Director of Programs and Player Development USTA Southern

    “In the latest edition of Tennis: Steps to Success, Jim Brown and Camille Soulier present tennis instruction in a clear, informative manner. As a tennis professional for over 30 years, I appreciate the uncomplicated and concise style of simplifying tennis.”

    Jim Coyne-- Director of Tennis at Sleepy Hollow Swim and Tennis Club, Former Director of Junior Tennis for USTA Northern California Section, USTA NorCal Board of Directors

    All ancillaries are free to adopting instructors through HKPropel

    Includes lecture topics, physical activities, student assignments in both a 20-session and 32-session framework, introductory notes, key points of technique, common errors and solutions, teaching modifications, and skill application, and additional resources such as Web sites, books, DVDs, and videos. Also included are test questions in multiple-choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blank and short answer format, and student evaluation guidelines.

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