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Social Media and Sports Ebook With HKPropel Access

Social Media and Sports Ebook With HKPropel Access

$63.00 USD


Product Format
    Social media communications play a huge role in the day-to-day operations of sport teams and organizations. Both current and aspiring sport business professionals need to know how to best leverage social media to meet their organizational goals, and Social Media and Sports With HKPropel Access will help pave the way by emphasizing the strategic, creative, and logistical elements of effective social media practices.

    Beginning with foundational concepts, students will first examine the history of social media and its impact on sports. They will learn about the categories of content used, including written content, images, produced video, live video, audio, graphics, dynamic visuals, and responses. They will then gain a better understanding of the social media environment by learning how to think about audiences and networks, evaluating how online communities act and interact, and considering key issues that may be encountered. The final chapters of the text assemble the building blocks from previous chapters into practical application, covering brand management strategies and overall social media presence from the perspective of a member of the sports media, a representative of a team or league, or an individual athlete.

    Related online learning aids, delivered via HKPropel and reviewed annually to stay current with evolving trends, provides a detailed look into major social networks and their technological elements, plus best practices, tips, and tricks for utilizing a variety of social media platforms. It also examines content methodologies, including podcasting, live video, and prerecorded video, and it discusses the use of social management software. Markers throughout the text refer students to the web resource when additional related content is available.

    Learning aids for students include Professional Insights, sidebars containing interviews with industry insiders; these real-world examples and professional advice provide depth and context to each chapter’s content. Key Points highlight important points, end-of-chapter review questions promote practical application and ensure content comprehension, and bolded key terms are defined in an easy-to-reference glossary.

    Social Media and Sports offers a practical approach to understanding social media communications in the sports industry, with application extending to those working in journalism, public relations, broadcasting, advertising, and other sport business careers where knowledge of effective social media usage will maximize career potential.

    Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is included with this ebook.


    Textbook for upper-level undergraduates in sport management, sports communication, sports journalism, or sports media programs, particularly those who are interested in careers as content creators, marketers, public relations experts, and journalists.
    Chapter 1. Social Media and the Sports World
    The Sports World
    The Social Media World
    The Beginnings of Social Media
    The “Old” Internet
    The iPhone and Other Smart Phones
    Advertising and Social Media    
    Sports and Social Media
    The Sports Media Cycle
    Athletes and Social Media
    Audiences and Reach
    Sport Business and Social Media
    Social Media and the Globalization of Sport
    The Nature of Social Media

    Chapter 2. Tools of the Trade
    Software and Hardware
    Software Tools
    Web and App Interfaces
    Evaluating Your Needs
    Training Programs
    Evaluating Training Needs
    Software Program Training
    Market Research
    Professional Market Research
    Using Research Intelligently

    Chapter 3. Creative Sparks
    Core Creativity Elements
    Grammar and Writing Conventions
    Industry Literacy
    Cultural Knowledge
    Social Media Consumption
    You Are What You Eat
    Analysis of Successful Accounts
    Informational Interviews
    Support Groups
    The Importance of Repetition
    Question Everything
    How to Handle Feedback (Good and Bad)
    Early Adoption
    Take Notes When It Happens

    Chapter 4. Audiences and Networks
    Historical Development of Social Media Audiences
    Network Infrastructure and the Effects on Audiences
    Twitter’s System
    Facebook’s System
    Instagram Infrastructure
    TikTok and the Rise of AI

    Chapter 5. The Online Community
    Audience Adoption and Migration
    Theory of Planned Behavior
    Applying Theory to Practice
    The Darker Side of Online Audiences
    The Internet Outrage Machine
    Trolls and Argumentation
    The Online Disinhibition Effect
    Sports, Social Media, and Toxicity for Women

    Chapter 6. The Technology Curve
    Why Technology Changes
    A Paradigm Shift in Media
    Hardware, Convergence, and Portability
    Software Development
    Social Media Building Blocks
    Written Content
    Preproduced Video
    Live Video
    Dynamic Visuals
    What About Stories?
    Building Block Evolution
    Which Building Blocks Are Best for Your Content?

    Chapter 7. Framing Your Presence
    Agenda Setting
    Agenda Setting Theory
    Social Media's Impact on Agenda Setting
    Framing Theory
    Sports Media Framing Research
    Social Media Framing Concepts

    Chapter 8. Editorial Content
    Defining Editorial Content
    Expectations of Editorial Content
    Advantages of Editorial Content
    Disadvantages of Editorial Content
    The Blurring of Content Lines
    Best Practices in Social Media Editorial Content
    Managing Your Branding and Presence
    Managing Your Organization’s Branding and Presence
    Directing Traffic

    Chapter 9. Industry Content
    Defining Industry Content
    Advantages of Industry Content
    Disadvantages of Industry Content
    Best Practices in Social Media Industry Content
    Managing Your Branding and Presence
    Social Media Choices
    Go Where Only You Can
    Leveraging Organization Members
    Interacting With Other Organizations
    Crisis Communication

    Chapter 10. Holistic Social Media
    Personal Care and Challenges
    Professional Tips
    The Content Cycle
    Dealing With Trolling and Harassment
    Work Conditions
    Job Instability
    Galen Clavio, PhD, is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in social media in sports research, with a background in both sport management and sports communication. He serves as an associate professor of sports media, head of the sports media program, and director of the National Sports Journalism Center at Indiana University (IU). His teaching draws upon his professional experience as a broadcaster, reporter, and media relations director to teach courses in sportscasting and play-by-play, applied uses of social media in sports communication, sports and society, and the intersection of academic theory and social media.

    Clavio’s research focuses on the effects of digital media on the interactions between sport entities and sports consumers. He has authored nearly 50 peer-reviewed publications, the vast majority of which focus on social media utilization of fans, teams, and individuals within the sports environment. He is the senior editor for scholarly outreach for Communication & Sport and has served as a guest editor of three separate social media–focused special issues in respected journals (International Journal of Sport Communication, 2010; Online Information Review, 2016; and Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, 2017).

    All ancillaries are free to adopting instructors through HKPropel.

    Instructor guide. Includes several resources that instructors can use throughout the semester as they organize and teach their course: chapter objectives, lecture outlines, solutions to the end-of-chapter review questions, and applied activities with solutions to encourage critical thinking for real-world application.

    Instructors also receive access to all student materials in HKPropel. For Social Media and Sports this includes a detailed look into major social networks and their technological elements, including best practices and tips and tricks for using a variety of social media platforms. The content will be reviewed annually and revised as needed to stay current with evolving trends.

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