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Physical Performance-2nd Edition-UNLV

Physical Performance-2nd Edition-UNLV

$77.40 USD


Product Format
    This custom ebook includes chapters from Advanced Environmental Exercise Physiology, Second Edition. It has been specifically designed for students taking the course First Responder and Military Physical Performance (KIN 411/611) at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).


    Custom ebook for students taking the course First Responder and Military Physical Performance (KIN 411/611) at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).
    Fundamentals of Temperature Regulation
    Heat Stress
    Heat Adaption and Heat Therapy
    Hydration Strategies for Exercise
    Cold Air Exposure
    Cold Water Immersion
    Diving and Hyperbaric Physiology
    Physiological Adjustments to Acute Hypoxia
    High-Altitude Physiology
    Altitude Training and Performance
    Exercise in Polluted Environments
    Individual Variability: Sex and Age
    Stephen Cheung, PhD, is a professor of kinesiology and senior research fellow at Brock University, where his research focuses on the effects of environmental stress on human physiology and performance. He held a Canada Research Chair in Environmental Ergonomics from 2007 to 2017.

    Cheung has authored more than 120 articles that explore muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, neural, metabolic, cognitive, and performance responses to multiple environments, including heat, cold, hydration, and altitude. He has worked extensively with industry and sport organizations to improve health and safety in the workplace, athletic performance, and equipment design. Cheung is also a leader in driving scientific advances in cycling physiology and performance and has published two books on the science of cycling: Cutting-Edge Cycling and Cycling Science.

    Philip Ainslie, PhD, is a professor of health and exercise sciences and is the Canada Research Chair and codirector of the Centre for Heart, Lung and Vascular Health at the University of British Columbia in Okanagan.

    Ainslie has published more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific articles and has recently coauthored the sixth edition of the textbook High-Altitude Medicine and Physiology. In addition to mechanistic laboratory-based experiments, he leads regular field expeditions to study elite free divers as well as expeditions to high altitude to study acclimatization and adaptation, with a focus on indigenous populations located in the mountainous regions of Tibet, South America, and Ethiopia. Ainslie has won numerous national and international awards for his research and sits on various international scientific leadership and advisory groups; he also currently co-organizes a number of international conferences related to environmental physiology.

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