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NPTI's Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Training

NPTI's Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Training

$85.00 USD


Product Format

    NPTI’s Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Training makes the principles and theories of fitness accessible for all readers. Written in a conversational tone with real-life examples, this text helps students understand how the body works and responds to exercise. Readers will learn how to create exercise programs that allow their future clients to accomplish individual fitness goals.

    This book combines technical detail with practical application in an engaging manner. Anatomical illustrations and photos provide further guidance on the science of personal training, complete with coverage of specific muscle systems and how to train them. Extensive information on essential nutrients, coupled with guidance on helping clients burn fat and build strength, helps future trainers take the sessions beyond simple workouts. Stories and examples lend insight into the scientific concepts, helping students to understand more complex topics. Legal considerations, including how to assess and classify clients and minimize risk, prepare readers for the realities of a career in personal training.

    Step-by-step coverage of exercise program design takes the guesswork out of developing workouts and helps readers modify programs for special populations and clients dealing with injuries. Sample workouts designed by expert personal trainers cover key fitness training concepts and offer unique training ideas to keep exercise fun and effective for clients. Study questions at the end of each chapter help students assess their understanding of the material, and online access to a list of more than 3,000 references extends learning beyond the classroom. An instructor guide and presentation package plus image bank are available to instructors, helping them explore concepts from the text in the classroom.

    NPTI’s Fundamentals of Fitness and Personal Training has been endorsed by the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), the nation’s largest system of schools devoted to personal training education. NPTI’s mission is to prepare students to become personal trainers and fitness professionals. NPTI strives to provide a high-quality education experience that each student values and would recommend to peers.


    Students in professional school programs for personal training or application-based undergraduate programs; reference for personal trainers and those interested in fitness and training.

    Part I. Getting Started

    Chapter 1. Components of Fitness

    Chapter 2. Principles of Exercise

    Chapter 3. Risk Stratification and Fitness Assessments

    Chapter 4. Setting Goals

    Chapter 5. Conducting a Personal Training Session

    Part II. Anatomy and Physiology

    Chapter 6. Basic Anatomy

    Chapter 7. Nervous System

    Chapter 8. Energy Systems

    Chapter 9. Endocrine System

    Part III. Kinesiology and Biomechanics

    Chapter 10. Biomechanics

    Chapter 11. Upper-Body Anatomy

    Chapter 12. Lower-Body Anatomy

    Chapter 13. Anatomy of the Core

    Part IV. Nutrition

    Chapter 14. Macronutrients

    Chapter 15. Metabolism, Water, Digestion, and Micronutrients

    Chapter 16. Practical Application of Nutritional Knowledge

    Part V. Key Concepts Related to Resistance Training

    Chapter 17. Resistance Training Program Design

    Chapter 18. Beginner Workout

    Chapter 19. Squat

    Chapter 20. Bench Press

    Chapter 21. Deadlift

    Part VI. Key Concepts Related to Other Modes of Exercise

    Chapter 22. Aerobic Training Program Design

    Chapter 23. Flexibility

    Chapter 24. Power and Speed Development

    Chapter 25. Advanced Concepts in Program Design

    Part VII. Program Modification

    Chapter 26. Training Special Populations

    Chapter 27. Injury and Rehabilitation

    Appendix A. Review Questions Answer Sheet

    Appendix B. Exercise List

    Appendix C. General Resume Format

    Appendix D. Interviewing for Fitness-Related Jobs

    Appendix E. Sample Introductory Workout

    Appendix F. Sample Pricing

    Appendix G. Calculating Lean Body Mass and Fat Weight

    Appendix H. Skinfold Formulas

    Appendix I. NPTI Resting Fitness Assessments

    Tim Henriques has been with the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) since its inception and serves as the director of NPTI Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Before working with NPTI he was a full-time personal trainer, working with the companies One to One Fitness and Fitness Image and Results before running his own business. He continues to train clients and work with athletes outside of NPTI as well as write and lecture on health and fitness.

    Henriques has been competing in powerlifting for two decades and has made several notable accomplishments in that sport. He was a collegiate All-American powerlifter and set many state and national records. He set the Virginia state record for the deadlift by lifting 700 pounds at a body weight of 198 pounds. He set the national record for the strict curl in 2013. He currently coaches a powerlifting team called Team Force, who won the Federation Championships in 2011 and 2013. He has also competed in arm wrestling and strongman competitions. He is lifetime drug free.

    Henriques earned his degree in kinesiology, along with minors in coaching and psychology, from James Madison University. He was born and raised in Fairfax County, Virginia, where he resides with his wife, Christina; their boys Nathan, Ryan, and Collin; and their dog, Pongo.

    About NPTI

    The National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), founded in 2000, was created to raise the standard in personal training education. NPTI developed a comprehensive system to provide the education to ensure that personal trainers were not only certified but also qualified. NPTI is an actual school for personal trainers—students attend classes, listen to lectures, complete homework, take tests, and participate in extensive practical-based, hands-on workshops. Students are taught both the art and science of personal training. NPTI currently has more than 30 campuses throughout the United States and Canada. Thousands of students graduate from NPTI every year and go on to work in commercial fitness settings, physical therapy centers, weight-loss clinics, personal training studios, and collegiate athletic centers; many graduates go on to operate their own personal training–based businesses as well.

    “This is an excellent resource for individuals preparing for a career in health and fitness. It provides the constructs for a classroom-based approach to learning the principles of personal training, and may also help prepare individuals for taking the national certification test.”

    Doody’s Book Review (Jan 2015)

    All ancillaries are free to adopting instructors and available online.

    Instructor guide. Contains a sample syllabus, chapter outlines, and teaching ideas for instructors for each chapter in the text.

    Presentation package plus image bank. Contains PowerPoint slides that highlight important material from the book. The image bank contains all figures, tables, and content-related photos from the text, sorted by chapter. For convenience, a blank PowerPoint template is also provided so instructors can quickly insert images from the image bank to create their own customized presentations.