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Dance Partnering Basics With HKPropel Access

Dance Partnering Basics With HKPropel Access

Practical Skills and Inclusive Pedagogy

$72.00 USD


Product Format
    Dance Partnering Basics: Practical Skills and Inclusive Pedagogy With HKPropel Access presents easy-to-implement, technique-based partnering instruction for dancers of all ages. The exercises and techniques, which are broken down into parts and presented in a skill progression, from beginner to advanced, can be applied to a variety of dance forms. The book offers a plethora of tools to help dance educators in providing expert partnering instruction:
    • 18 illustrated exercises that teach techniques, mechanics, and individual partnered skills; each exercise includes additional variations and explorations
    • Tips for developing a partnering component and integrating it into an existing dance program or curriculum
    • Related online materials delivered via HKPropel, including over 40 video clips demonstrating partnering exercises, vocabulary, questions for discussion and reflection, and assessments and rubrics to help assess student progress

    Inclusive, Nongendered Approach
    The text uses an inclusive, nongendered approach to dance partnering, as opposed to the traditional male and female roles. Instead of using man/woman labels in the instructions, author Brandon Whited uses terminology such as partner A/partner B,leader/follower, and supported partner/supportive partner. This approach gives a broad appeal to dance partnering.

    Book Contents
    Dance Partnering Basics is organized around the foundational elements of dance—time, weight, energy and flow, and space. Chapter 1 provides a concise history and explanation of dance partnering forms and considers the broad implications for the practice as a vital component of dance education and training. Chapter 2 focuses on class planning, course development, foundational concepts, and teaching techniques. It also offers foundational skills and exercises. Chapter 3 delves into the body as an instrument, discussing biomechanics, safety, cross-training, nutrition, wellness, and self-care. It also offers more advanced skills, building off of those offered in the previous chapter. In chapter 4, readers explore the relationship between partnership and creativity, digging into tactics, exercises, and choreographic prompts that can help unlock creativity. It contains the exercises with the most advanced skills and partnership principles. And finally, chapter 5 outlines dance education philosophies, which include establishing a safe space, a supportive environment, and a community within the classroom and beyond.

    Dance Partnering Basics is a highly practical resource for dance educators and teachers across all levels, from K-12 to higher education as well as private studios. It is an ideal text to teach partnering, regardless of the students’ ages, their skill level, or the dance genre. With its unique inclusive approach, this book is a welcome and much-needed addition to the dance field.

    Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is included with all print books.


    Resource for dance educators, dance teachers, dance workshop leaders, dance education students, and anyone who delivers dance to students in the context of partnering instruction.
    Chapter 1. Introduction to Dance Partnering

    Chapter 2. Time: Getting Started
    Exercise 1: Grasp and Clasp
    Exercise 2: Trust Building
    Exercise 3: Active and Passive
    Exercise 4: Weight Sharing
    Exercise 5: Counterbalance
    Exercise 6: Shelves and Ledges

    Chapter 3. Weight: Digging Deeper
    Exercise 7: Draping
    Exercise 8: Airplanes
    Exercise 9: Redirection and Leverage
    Exercise 10: Under, Over, and Through
    Exercise 11: Falling and Rocking
    Exercise 12: Assisted Inversions

    Chapter 4. Energy and Flow: Activating Creativity
    Exercise 13: Hip Rides
    Exercise 14: Promenade
    Exercise 15: Traditional Lifts
    Exercise 16: Initiation and Suggestion
    Exercise17: Rolling Points
    Exercise 18: Me Score

    Chapter 5. Space: Fostering Community and Inclusive Pedagogy
    Brandon Whited, MFA, is an associate professor of dance in the department of theater and dance at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). He is the artistic director of Santa Barbara Dance Theater, a resident professional company at UCSB. Earning a BFA from University of North Carolina School of the Arts and an MFA from The Ohio State University, Brandon has studied multiple genres, from social dance and classical ballet partnering to contact improvisation and contemporary dance partnering.

    Professor Whited has presented his choreography throughout the United States (New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, and California) and internationally (Parma and Castiglione della Stiviere, Italy). He has danced professionally as a core member of Shen Wei Dance Arts (2009 to 2014) as well as with Steeledance, Randy James Dance Works, and Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, and he has been a specialized supernumerary with the Metropolitan Opera. Mr. Whited has also worked in musical theater as a performer and choreographer.

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